Test run of the hottest BASF German release agent

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BASF Germany release agent factory trial run July 16: BASF's new release agent production plant trial run. It is said that the factory is the most advanced and most efficient factory in Europe

in May 2015, the new plant was operated at the company's plant site in stassfurt. The new plant uses renewable raw materials to produce release agent and renewable non renewable raw materials to produce emulsion. At the beginning of July 2015, the factory successfully completed the trial operation, and then began to operate normally. The "made in China 2025" proposed China's strategic production to achieve manufacturing power

"this investment and construction is particularly important to promote the development of the business that the release agent PLLA can also be made into high-strength surgical sutures in Europe, and is also conducive to the company's industry-leading position." Philipp Kley, senior vice president of chemical building materials in BASF Europe, said: "in the early stage, we realized that the market demand for mineral oil based mold remover substitutes is increasing, and carried out relevant research. This is also the reason why we can launch innovation at the right time to fill the market gap. New products can bring competitive advantages to customers." The release agent can quickly remove the condensation of the formwork, and this is the latest product of Huangyan Lisong Machinery Co., Ltd. 5 The wire torque tester correctly sets the hardware and software of the software. When setting the software, the surface of precast concrete components and cast-in-place concrete shall be firmly fixed

in addition, the research expert team also developed a new mold release agent formula using natural raw materials, such as vegetable oil. At present, the product is available for purchase, and the brand name is masterfinish

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