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With the intensive introduction of tax and fee policies, supporting plans such as the "tax reduction and kinetic energy increase" action to support thousands of enterprises and households to resume work and production in Wenling, and the "400" special action for key financial (tax) source construction have also been introduced. More than 100000 enterprises and individual industrial and commercial households in the city have received a tax reduction gift package from the tax department, The production line runs at full capacity, and tens of thousands of water pumps are offline here every month and sent to the Southeast Asian market. Having withstood the double challenges of the epidemic and the market, this pump enterprise, which was born and raised in Daxi, Wenling, broke through the environmental constraints with excellent quality, and achieved a good result of rising 20% against the trend in the first half of the year. In the view of Chen Jian, the person in charge of the enterprise, in addition to their own efforts to make breakthroughs, enterprises can not do without the help of various policies of the government departments, and the most intuitive one is the tax reduction and fee reduction policy of the tax department, "tax concessions are genuine reductions and exemptions, which really reduce the burden of our enterprises."

precise drip irrigation, cost reduction and practical measures

kennedy said; "Our goal is to raise 10000 US dollars. In February this year, in order to promote the orderly resumption of work and production of enterprises and alleviate the difficulties of enterprises, the Ministry of human resources and social security, the national medical insurance administration, the Ministry of Finance and the State Administration of Taxation successively printed and distributed the relevant notice documents on the phased reduction of social insurance premiums payable by enterprises, mainly including basic old-age pension, basic medical treatment, work-related injury insurance and unemployment insurance. The document made it clear that from February 2020, small, medium and micro enterprises will be exempted from basic maintenance The period of exemption from payment of old insurance, unemployment insurance and work-related injury insurance shall not exceed 5 months. In order to further help enterprises, especially small, medium-sized and micro enterprises, cope with risks and tide over difficulties, and reduce the payment burden of enterprises and low-income insured personnel this year, on June 22, the Ministry of human resources and social security, the Ministry of Finance and the State Administration of Taxation again issued the notice on extending the implementation period of the phased reduction and exemption of enterprise social insurance premium policy (human resources and social security department [2020] No. 49), The payment of three social insurance units for small, medium-sized and micro enterprises will be exempted for another six months until the end of December 2020

with the intensive introduction of tax and fee policies, in Wenling, supporting plans such as the "warm spring action of supporting thousands of enterprises and households to resume work and production" and the "four hundred" special action for key financial (tax) source construction have also been introduced. More than 100000 enterprises and individual industrial and commercial households in the city have received large gift packages of reduction and exemption from the tax department, and hundreds of taxpayers have gone to enterprises to interpret the preferential policies in detail, Guide enterprises to go through the declaration procedures on the spot, give full play to the role of Taxation in serving the economy, and help enterprises successfully "break through the customs"

the new policy of social security fee reduction and exemption undoubtedly brings a batch of policy dividends to small and medium-sized enterprises. The implementation period is extended from the original 5 months to 11 months, which means that the government will give real gold and silver support to small and medium-sized enterprises with greater determination and investment. According to statistics, from January to August this year, in addition to the cumulative implementation of the new tax preferential policies introduced in 2020 to support epidemic prevention and control and economic and social development, the city has also reduced the burden of social security fees for enterprises by 774million yuan. As of December this year, it is expected to reduce social security fees by 440million yuan

reduce the burden, and enterprises rise against the wind.

Samsung water pump factory is one of the beneficiaries under the new tax policy this year

"from May to August, our enterprise's monthly sales increased by 10%, and this month is estimated to increase by about 20% over the same period last year." Chen Jian told Samsung pump that it could not achieve the expected results. As an enterprise mainly engaged in jet pumps, this kind of pump is popular in the Southeast Asian market with its advantages of high frequency, long lift and low price. Even in the severe epidemic situation in foreign countries, orders have continued in recent months, "In recent months, our production lines have been running across the board. I was worried that this year would be a very difficult year, but I didn't expect the situation to be much better than expected."

pumps and motors are the largest pillar industries in our city, with more than 2700 enterprises gathered here, with an annual output value of more than 45billion yuan. After the outbreak, the shutdown test, logistics lag, foreign trade refund and other situations followed, and the pump and motor industry once fell into an "ice age". Surprisingly, the "breathtaking leap" that followed, the city's pump and motor industry, taking advantage of the east wind of transformation, quickly came out of the haze, and the whole industry ushered in a cluster recovery and strong growth

"the government departments have really given great support to our enterprises, especially the tax 'big gift package' this year. Only the social security fee reduction is exempted again and again, and the reduction is very strong." Chen Jian calculated this "deduction account": from January to July, enterprises reduced pension, work-related injury and unemployment insurance by a total of 166000 yuan. After the introduction of the new policy, the implementation period can be extended to the end of the year. It is expected to reduce the social security burden by 300000 yuan this year, which is really good news for small and medium-sized enterprises

the "hunger and thirst" for funds has eased, and the enterprise has an excellent buffer period. Samsung pump industry began to strive for change, shifting more investment to brand promotion and changing the sales model. "This year, we set up the R & D department, the second sales department and the after-sales service team. In addition to improving the product quality, we grasped the product feedback and hidden dangers at the first time. The sales mode has also changed from the original 'business' to' business', and actively expanded the customer source through various platforms, turning passivity into initiative. These are the thoughts brought to us by this test."

"borrow wisdom" to improve efficiency and move towards benign development

government and enterprises work together to seize the opportunity for the pump and motor industry to break the waves and highlight the "hard core" strength. Zhejiang Qiantao Pump Co., Ltd., adjacent to Samsung pump, also achieved counter trend growth this year. What is more surprising is that the enterprise also expanded its business scale in the first half of this year, moving into more than 50000 square meters, and the set value is the maximum load value of this experiment × The new plant with a set value of square meters has completed the integration of the industrial chain and the construction of smart factories, achieved accurate control of cost and quality, and greatly improved the ability to respond and resist risks

"the new plant has just been built. In the face of such an epidemic, it was difficult to start construction normally, let alone move the new site. We were also worried that a large amount of equipment investment could not be recovered." Recalling the difficulties a few months ago, zhaofuzheng, chairman of the company, is very happy with today's changes. He told that with the help of government departments, the employees were brought back, and the enterprise was running normally, and it caught up with the progress in just over a month. "At present, the output value of enterprises has increased by about 15% over last year. After the introduction of the policy, we are actually saying that what we are building now is a building that will not be satisfactory for 20 to 30 years. It is expected that nearly 2million yuan of social insurance premium will be reduced for us this year, and the output value in the second half of the year is estimated to have a better figure."

behind the "rise against the trend" is the support of high-quality development of the industrial system. As a high-tech enterprise, Qiantao pump industry invests nearly ten million yuan in technology research and development every year. "This year, we have invested 6.4 million yuan in the research and development of intelligent control technology. This technology is applied to our deep well pumps and jet pumps, which can improve the pump head and better performance by improving the frequency and speed. According to the national tax policy, we can also enjoy tax incentives for the R & D fee, which is particularly helpful to enterprises." According to the financial personnel of Qiantao pump, from January to August this year, Qiantao pump reduced the social insurance premium by 1.188 million yuan and the corporate income tax by 1.45 million yuan. These tangible concessions have been translated into cost reduction and efficiency increase, which has given enterprises more confidence in innovation and development

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