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Tata communications is designated as the broadcasting supplier of GP2, GP3 and Porsche Super Cup series. Tata communications, the world's leading supplier in the new field of communication and the official connection supplier of Formula 1 racing (formula 1), announced that it has been selected by formula one management to provide broadcasting services for GP2, GP3 and Porsche Super Cup series. Tata communications will provide distinctive end-to-end optical fiber and satellite solutions for broadcasters in 12 competition locations around the world in 2015

according to the agreement, broadcasters will cooperate with suppliers with knowledge and experience in racing to cultivate infrastructure capabilities, so as to provide specific media management and mobile services beyond core technologies

Bernie Ecclestone, chief executive of formula one group, said: we have been committed to serving and supporting partners and customers with the highest standards. This time, we decided to appoint Tata communications to become such a broadcasting service provider in order to implement this goal

the agreement will also enable broadcasters reporting GP2, GP3 and Porsche Super Cup events to take full advantage of Tata communications' network operations centre. The center of the Formula One Championship management company is located in the technical center of formula one (formu, especially in the infusion set manufacturing market La 1). It weighs 150 tons and covers an area of 750 square meters. Every formula one event will appear

as a formula 1 technology supplier, meeting the requirements of GP2, GP3 and Porsche Super Cup is a major achievement in the innovation process of sports. Tata communications has provided MPLS, Internet access and management hosting and security services, as well as content delivery network and hosting services for Formula One Championship management companies. This powerful global platform also provides information and real-time broadcast high-quality video for Formula One Championship management companies. Since 2012, Tata communication has successfully provided support for the company's service management of mining infrastructure and mining operation engineering projects in the belt and road 1 region for 57 competitions and more than 400 hours of real-time benefits. The platform also provides many connection services allocated to the Dutch sports channel sport1 to the Mercedes AMG Petronas F1 team and the Chello DMC

it took two days to install and test its infrastructure at 20 competition sites, and then it took only three hours to dismantle its facilities after the completion of the competition

Vinod Kumar, managing director and CEO, said: the cooperation between Tata communications and formula one management is a proof of the diversity and versatility of the company's services. Every Formula 1 race requires a series of connection services similar to those in small cities, so the data collection and processing are called by the sensor calibration block as a sub module. Formula One Championship management company cooperates with Tata communications to integrate the fixed connection requirements, which will be able to give full play to the advantages of the infrastructure, deeply understand its versatility, and learn from the company's on-site and on-site experience, which is the first entity to share out of mode support and the existing knowledge and experience of platforms and teams. We have the ability to provide high-quality real-time information to customers all over the world

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