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Tata and Huawei completed the first 400g ultra long-distance submarine optical cable current test

tata communication, together with Huawei and Huawei ocean, completed the first 400g ultra long-distance submarine optical cable current test ultra wide, which brought the milestone of submarine communication development when participating in the lithium industry in the Americas

tat1, long-term use temperature (8 0-2) 20 ° a communication, the world's leading telecommunications solution supplier, Huawei, The world's leading provider of information and communication technology (ICT) solutions, as well as Huawei ocean, the global undersea communication solution provider, jointly announced today that the three parties have successfully completed the current test of 400g undersea optical cable, with a total length of more than 6000 kilometers, which is the industry's first ultra long-distance 400g wavelength division test of undersea optical cable

Huawei and Huawei ocean technology have successfully solved the industry problems of high-speed signal distortion and clock instability by adopting dual carrier QPSK modulation format (dc-pdm-qpsk), innovative FTN (fast than Nyquist) compensation and recovery algorithm, original clock recovery technology, and super soft decision error correction (sd-fec) technology. The application of this advanced technology confirms the solemn commitment of Huawei and Huawei ocean to increase R & D investment in order to meet customer needs

tata communication, Huawei and Huawei ocean have always maintained forward-looking investment in the next generation transmission technology. The successful test of this ultra long-distance 400g has fully proved the leadership of the three parties in the field of submarine cable communication, and can meet customers' needs for ultra wideband submarine communication in the future

Hon kit Lam, vice president of international transmission and IP business of Tata communications, said: the current test has successfully verified that our existing network can fully support the application of future and next-generation transmission technology. We have been committed to using new technologies to enhance our capabilities to meet users' demand for bandwidth growth

Huawei R & D has always adhered to the customer-centric purpose. Our 400g technology can not only help operators better solve the bandwidth speed, but also optimize the operation and maintenance costs of the network. Mr. Wang Weibin, President of Huawei transmission product line, said: we are very happy to cooperate with Tata communications, a leading global operator, in this 400g technology test

we have made a breakthrough in UWB submarine communication technology, successfully completed the 400g test, and achieved exciting results. Mr. zhangshigui, vice president of Huawei ocean technology, said: Huawei ocean has been committed to the research and development of advanced technology in the industry, "the size of nails or needles is thousands of times that of carbon fiber, so as to meet the needs of customers to maintain a leading position and make full use of existing network infrastructure

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