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Tattoo stickers "are not simple" research instruments explore the harm

tattoo, as an art form, has always been regarded as the beauty of pain, and the emergence of tattoo stickers has given people who want to try to decorate their bodies with color, but are afraid of pain, can't afford high prices, and worry about their health a new way to show their personality. However, in recent years, relevant reports on tattoo stickers have constantly warned us that tattoo stickers are not as safe as we thought

tattoo stickers have been around for a long time, and their high popularity in recent years has also made them the focus of testing institutions. Previously, there have been media reports that "Peppa Pig" tattoo paste mercury exceeded the standard, causing British girls to have serious skin allergy after use

of course, mercury is not the only potential safety hazard hidden in tattoo stickers. Recently, Jiangsu launched an investigation to see whether the so-called "harmless tattoo stickers from regular manufacturers" in the mouth of merchants are really safe and reliable by purchasing tattoo stickers from grocery stores and stationery stores around the school for inspection. The final test result is that the three products submitted for inspection have exceeded the standard of heavy metals lead and cobalt to varying degrees

both lead and cobalt are toxic metals. Specifically, lead, as a toxic heavy metal, is difficult to excrete after entering the human body. In addition, if children ingest excessive lead, they may also cause problems such as inattention and violence, which may seriously affect children's brain function and cause mental decline; However, cobalt and its compounds may cause allergic or irritating dermatitis if they are in direct contact with human body, and cobalt salt entering the body may cause "cemented carbide disease". In addition, lead, cobalt and cobalt compounds belong to class 2B carcinogens

of course, lead, cobalt and cobalt compounds cannot only appear in tattoo stickers. We should learn to draw inferences from one instance when looking at problems. What can scientific research and analysis instruments do in the face of lead, cobalt and cobalt compounds in life

lead detection

lead is not uncommon in our life. One of the main materials of lead batteries is lead. Lead also exists in radioactive protective equipment, but in any case, this part of lead is inevitable. What we really need to pay attention to is potential lead. What is potential lead? Lead in food, lead in tableware glaze, lead in cosmetics and tools have become flexible and efficient, but it is generally difficult to form and process lead in plating... In the face of potential lead, the commonly used determination methods mainly include flame atomic absorption spectrometry, graphite furnace atomic absorption spectrometry, dithizone colorimetry and oscillopolarography

take flame atomic absorption spectrometry as an example. Flame atomic absorption spectrometry is the standard method for the determination of lead in cosmetics. When testing, irradiate the treated sample solution with a lead hollow cathode lamp, and calculate the lead content in the sample by comparing the amount of absorption resonance line of the sample. This method has the advantages of high detection accuracy and accurate detection results

detection of cobalt and cobalt compounds

cobalt itself is an essential nutrient element for human body. Excess and lack of cobalt will damage human health. Therefore, cobalt detection is one of the important common tests in environmental protection, medicine and food. At present, the detection methods of cobalt and cobalt compounds mainly include spectrophotometry, liquid chromatography, polarography, chemiluminescence, etc. Among them, spectrophotometry is widely used because of its advantages of cheap instrument, simple operation and high sensitivity

when testing, put the sample into the spectrophotometer and irradiate it continuously with light of different wavelengths to obtain the absorbance of the sample for light of different wavelengths, draw it into an absorption spectrum curve, and analyze the substance qualitatively and quantitatively through the absorption spectrum curve (1) principle

conclusion: back to the topic of tattoo stickers, many people will think that the tattoo stickers in grocery stores and stationery stores are three no products, and it is not unimaginable that there are potential safety hazards. Those who choose a regular brand should be able to avoid it, and only control the moving speed of the test bench to avoid most of the hidden dangers. However, I feel that paint is used in both tattoos and tattoo stickers, and there will inevitably be some elements in the paint that the skin cannot adapt to. It is the key to do what you can, not to damage your body because of your personality

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