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The Indian government recently decided to impose a 16.90% anti dumping sales tax on viscose filaments (vfy) originating in China for five years, which may affect the weaving enterprises of Surat textile distribution center in India

viscose filament is the main raw material of about 150000 enterprises' 600000 shuttle weaving machines, which produce artificial fabrics

Mr. Ashok jirawala, President of the Gujarat Textile Association (fogwa), said that due to the imposition of anti-dumping duties on viscose filaments imported from China, Surat power loom weaving enterprises and yarn importers will be greatly affected. In particular, Shanhui fan, a small-scale electrical engineering professor specializing in Changguang electronics, will be hit

he said, "we ask not to levy taxes on all Chinese viscose filaments. Therefore, earlier, India gave up taxation and then imposed anti-dumping duties. India's policy reflects some weaknesses of the textile Ministry. Now only a few people benefit from taxation, and the entire textile industry will be negatively affected."

he said that the Gujarat Textile Association (the diameter (or thickness) of the fog extrusion at the same time is much smaller than the diameter or notch of the die WA) has submitted a memorandum to two federal ministers in the past few days urging them to cancel the vfy import tax. The two ministers have promised to hold a working meeting with the Minister of textiles to solve this problem

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