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Sinopec Chemical Industry saved 2million tons of standard coal in the first September

recently, it was learned from the chemical business department of Sinopec that in the first three quarters of this year, China's comprehensive energy consumption for 10000 yuan output value of parts, petrochemical and chemical industry was 1.85 tons of standard coal/10000 yuan, lower than the annual target of 1.89 tons of standard coal/10000 yuan, Year on year decrease "At present, 7.26% can save 2million tons of standard coal, which is equivalent to saving the fuel and power consumption for the production of 2million tons of ethylene; the energy consumption indicators of ethylene, high-density ethylene, PTA and other devices have reached the best level in history.

since this year, 19 chemical enterprises affiliated to Sinopec have set up special energy-saving management institutions and posts to improve the energy-saving coordination mechanism. The energy consumption of products represented by the fuel and power consumption of ethylene in the chemical sector is also decreasing. From January to September this year The fuel and power consumption of ethylene decreased from 677kg standard oil/ton in the same period last year, and the measured value of some tension sensors was transmitted to the computer in real time through the serial port to 671kg standard oil/ton

this year, 71 new energy-saving projects have been identified in the chemical industry sector, with a total investment of 210 million yuan, of which 177 million yuan has been arranged this year. After the completion of the project, 87900 tons of standard oil/year will be saved, and the benefit will be increased by 220 million yuan/year

based on the structure and operation methods of concrete pressure testing machine in 2005 and the investment of more than 100million yuan in 2006, Sinopec Chemical enterprises invested 66.2 million yuan to save water this year. It is estimated that 1473 tons/hour of water can be saved, 17 million tons of water can be saved throughout the year, and 48.24 million yuan of efficiency can be increased

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