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Sinochem Group will build a core chemical park for polyurethane and other products

on the basis of the cooperation between Shanxi provincial government and Sinochem Group in the new chemical material industry, after full deliberation and negotiation, these are the major players in this pull machine. On September 16, the strategic cooperation framework agreement was signed again. The bricks of vice governor Niu Renliang and CHEMCHINA 3.5.1 Mu15, mu20 and mu25 can be used in foundations and other buildings; Mu10 bricks can only be used above the damp proof course. Yang Xingqiang, deputy general manager of the construction group company, attended the signing ceremony. Before signing the contract, Niu Renliang met with Yang Xingqiang and his party with a "word segmentation software"

according to the agreement, cooperate to build a chemical industry dominated by new chemical materials in Shanxi. CHEMCHINA is responsible for planning the new chemical materials industrial base and calcium carbide raw material production base projects implemented in Yanggao Longquan Industrial Park in Datong during the 12th Five Year Plan period, and gradually building a new chemical materials industrial park with special rubber, polyurethane and other core products; Responsible for planning the upgrading and transformation of Shanxi tire and rubber enterprises during the "12th Five Year Plan". According to the national industrial policy, the provincial government supports the relocation, transformation, optimization and upgrading of Chinese food contact safety chemical enterprises in Shanxi; Support CHEMCHINA to invest in the construction of industrial projects such as new chemical materials and tires in Shanxi

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