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Sinopec Australia natural gas project will expand

according to foreign reports, ConocoPhillips (COP) of the United States and originenergyltd of Australia () on Wednesday, a joint venture between the two sides will expand a $20billion natural gas export project in Queensland. At the same time, the two companies said that China Petrochemical Corporation (Sinopec for short) has decided to increase its equity in the project from 15% to 25%

the statements of the two companies show that the relevant parties of the project have agreed to expand the project to build two LNG production plants so far. ConocoPhillips said that the original project investment plan of 20billion US dollars remained unchanged. During the ori "1035" period, gin said that it and ConocoPhillips still had a problem of processing tolerance. Petroleum both hoped to further dilute their respective interests in the project to less than 37.5% in the calculation formula of the compressive strength of the wrapped carton. Both sides have agreed to launch a joint equity sale plan. Origin said it hoped to retain about 30% of the equity of the project

origin said that although the project investment has not changed significantly, the company decided to use Australian dollars instead of US dollars, that is, the project investment is 23billion Australian dollars (about US $23.6 billion). Origin said in a statement that since the final investment decision on the project was made in July 2011, the project investment of $20billion has not changed significantly except for the impact of exchange rate fluctuations

after the expansion, the annual LNG production capacity of the project is expected to double to 9million tons. The first batch of liquefied natural gas produced is expected to be delivered to Chinese and Japanese customers in mid-2015

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