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Sinopec's 22.8 billion environmental protection investment plan emerges

according to Sinopec Group, Sinopec will invest 22.87 billion yuan in three major environmental protection fields, namely: pollutant emission reduction and standard emission, 330 projects, with an investment of 10.88 billion yuan; Improve the environmental quality of workplaces and surrounding enterprises, 234 projects, with an investment of 6.92 billion yuan; Other environmental protection hidden danger treatment, 239 projects, with an investment of 5.07 billion yuan

in terms of pollutant emission reduction and up to standard emission, China stone Guochuan Electronics "this; Small body rdquo; It can also promote the large-scale marketization and propose to fully complete the letter signed with the Ministry of environmental protection, deal with wastewater treatment projects and catalytic flue gas desulfurization projects, improve the standard level of enterprises, and complete the total emission reduction indicators of major pollutants

in terms of improving the quality of the workplace and the surrounding environment of enterprises, Sinopec proposed that by 2015, 36 enterprises should complete the treatment of process exhaust gas, 13 enterprises should implement leakage detection and repair technology, 25 enterprises should implement odor control, 225 oil depots and 14200 gas stations should add oil and gas return, the brake handle must be stuck in the collection facilities, and 30 refining and chemical enterprises should implement oil and gas recovery

in addition, Sinopec also plans to complete 144 environmental risk prevention and control projects for 54 enterprises, add 188000 square meters of accident pools, and build five regional hazardous waste treatment centers

last Thursday, the assessment of the total emission of major pollutants in 2012 released by the Ministry of environmental protection of China showed that Sinopec's nitrogen oxide emissions did not decrease, but increased by 1 Therefore, at present, 28% of the products produced by Chinese enterprises are mainly used in small and medium-sized engineering projects. The environmental impact assessment audit of Sinopec's new refining and chemical project was therefore suspended by the Ministry of environmental protection

no environmental protection, one vote veto. We would rather not make money than harm the environment and people. At the Sinopec internal environmental protection video conference held on September 4, fuchengyu, chairman of Sinopec, seriously pointed out that Sinopec should have zero tolerance for environmental accidents and implement one vote veto in the assessment. Leaders at all levels should be seriously investigated for major environmental pollution accidents caused by wrong decisions and ineffective supervision

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