The hottest Sinopec 150000 ton bisphenol a project

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Sinopec's 150000 ton bisphenol a project was completed CCCC

it was learned from China Petrochemical Corporation that the 150000 ton/year bisphenol a project jointly constructed by Sinopec and Mitsubishi Chemical of Japan was completed by CCCC on the 23rd

compared with the manual type, the fully automatic type adds Electromechanical, electronic handwheel and other components

the project is located in the plant area of Yanshan Petrochemical, and Yanshan Petrochemical undertakes the supply of phenol, acetone and utilities, the main raw materials for the production of bisphenol A. At present, Yanshan Petrochemical is stepping up all the preparations before the commencement of the project. It is expected that the project will be commissioned through intermodal transportation on September 10 and put into production on November 1; The 60000 ton/year polycarbonate project under simultaneous construction will also be handed over by the end of September this year

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