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Sinoma Guojian special function coating series products were successfully launched a few days ago

Sinoma Guojian special function coating series products were successfully launched a few days ago

2007 has begun to conduct sampling inspection on the purchased filter cartridges, pressure tanks, pipe fittings and joints according to the above requirements

on March 13, 2007

and in the design phase of the sample car, Beijing Sinoma Guojian Chemical Materials Research Institute announced, The series of special functional coatings developed by it have been successfully listed, including fire-proof coatings, insect killing coatings and nano composite modified waterproof coatings

with the rapid development of urban and rural construction in China, people have higher requirements for the living environment and quality. Building waterproof, fire prevention, insect prevention and other needs are a link that must be considered in the building. However, the traditional process is complex in construction, easy to be affected by external conditions, poor anti-aging ability, high cost, serious pollution and other shortcomings, so many construction units do not consider or deliberately ignore or pay insufficient attention to this aspect

the nano composite modified waterproof coating developed by Sinoma Guojian adopts high-tech. "It has excellent aging resistance, stable performance under the action of ultraviolet, heat, light and oxygen, and a service life of more than 30 years. In addition, it has strong adhesion, good material extensibility, good workability and other characteristics. 2. Demand side" according to the technical personnel of Sinoma Guojian, it is understood that the production cost of this product is low, and the engineering cost of polyurethane waterproof coating with the same performance is about 40 yuan per square meter, The production cost of this coating per square meter is only about 8 yuan, and this coating has been widely used in Olympic projects, and has been highly praised by the majority of consumers

in this series of products, nanocomposite fire retardant coating also has good fire prevention effect, excellent water resistance, corrosion resistance, weather resistance, aging resistance and other characteristics, and has good decorative effect. "The fire-proof coating is a water-soluble intumescent fire-proof coating, which is safe, non-toxic, non irritating smell, non polluting, low cost, excellent durability and fire resistance, convenient for construction, and can be sprayed, rolled and brushed. It is suitable for general industrial and civil buildings, high-rise buildings, hotels, cultural and recreational places, wood structural materials, fiberboard, particleboard and other flammable materials of ancient buildings, and plays a role in fire protection."

it is worth mentioning that the nanocomposite insecticide coating developed by Sinoma Guojian kills insects by contact rather than by smell. This paint is the same as ordinary paint. It can be sprayed, rolled and brushed, and is resistant to scrubbing without affecting the insecticidal effect. Environmental friendly insecticide coating is a functional coating that can kill flies, mosquitoes, cockroaches, bedbugs, mites and other pests that affect health, and has decorative properties at the same time

with the development of economy, people pursue the substantial improvement of the quality of life at home, and more and more attention is paid to the practicality of buildings and decoration. The nano coating developed by Sinoma Guojian has promoted Chinese coating products to a stage of high performance and high decoration. Its excellent comprehensive performance and artistry have become the first choice for building fire prevention and waterproof

Beijing Sinoma Guojian Chemical Materials Research Institute has been committed to the research and development of new composite materials and has won wide attention and praise in the industry, especially nano paint products. It has a number of national patents in composite colorful art paint, composite gold spray free material color plate and product modified emulsion paint, warm in winter and cool in summer paint, ecological dry powder paint, environmental protection ecological putty, thick paste paint, etc., and is a domestic technology leading product

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