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Sinomach exclusive mount construction machinery world "trench" car model

Sinomach exclusive mount construction machinery world "trench" car model

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after two years, "speed and passion 8" and everyone see you again! The heaviest part of the film is the racing moment that makes people's adrenaline soar. Although the machine friends of physical fetuses have no aura of the protagonist, they must also have the impulse to experience the ultimate pleasure of "help me up, I can still race another ten kilometers"

it doesn't matter. Select several Sinomach exclusive mounts for you, equipped with professional, high-quality and stable ones, which will definitely make you feel the "trench" car style of the world of construction machinery

no.1 unparalleled elegance

Jaguar F-type vs ge300h crawler hydraulic excavator

Sinomach ge300h crawler hydraulic excavator

the shape of Jaguar F-type is really sexy and elegant. It is full of sportiness, such as the ring stiffness experimental machine with an experimental space of 3 meters, and the shape shows a hint of rebellion. This beautiful and stable design has always been the pursuit of Sinomach

ge300h crawler hydraulic excavator -- high-power mining crawler excavator adopts a new generation of control system, which can intelligently adjust the hydraulic absorption power according to the working conditions, and the optimized system matching can ensure the full play of the overall performance of the whole machine. The humanized cab and safety protection design are worth your possession

no.2 super passing performance

ares of tension vs ttc100g-ii truck crane

Sinomach ttc100g-ii truck crane

local motors, regarded as the "God of tension" in the industry, has the off-road and passing performance that engineering robots dream of

ttc100g- Ⅱ truck crane, in addition to the industry-leading maximum lifting capacity of 100t basic boom and the maximum lifting torque of 3293kn • m basic boom, is characterized by portability and flexibility. 305mm ground clearance, 38% maximum climbing gradient, 22.5 ° approach angle and 15 ° departure angle allow the trajectory to extend to more corners

no.3 sense of power in sleek

Lamborghini vs LSS single steel wheel vibratory roller

national machinery heavy industry LSS single steel wheel vibratory roller

if Lamborghini Murciel is loose, the name of the ago car comes from a tough bull that has not died for several consecutive battles in the middle ages. The aggressiveness in its sleek body line is exactly in line with the sense of power given by Sinomach to the road roller of external mediocrity

lss single steel wheel vibratory roller, with suitable frequency and double amplitude, is suitable for different soil and pavement thickness. The caliper brake is used for working braking, and the belt brake is used for parking braking, which greatly improves the safety of the roller. It is the best choice for high-performance compaction equipment for building high-grade roads, railways, airports, ports, dams and industrial sites with sliding insertion of clamping units

no.4 high quality military background

armored vehicle ram vs 966 wheel loader

Guoji heavy industry 966 wheel loader

the military armored vehicle ram driven by Jushi Johnson, the appearance of heavy machinery and the tires with increased diameter all highlight the high quality of its military background

966 wheel loader is a perfect crossing from military to civilian. ZF double variable system, the transmission is electro-hydraulic power shift fixed shaft type, which is simple and safe to operate and has high operation efficiency. Equipped with boom limit and bucket leveling device, it has a high degree of electromechanical integration. The shock absorption cab with all-round vision gives you a high-quality luxury experience during your loading trip

the new type of the whole recycled plastic granulator is constantly optimized and updated. There are countless rare luxury cars in the "speed and passion" series. Their high pursuit of sports car quality is just like the high standards and strict requirements of Sinomach for engineering machinery and equipment. Ingenuity produces high-quality products, and quality casts a brand! Drift adventure in the world of construction machinery, Sinomach will accompany you to create a new world

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