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Sinoma Group builds a new material base in the west by 3 billion

yesterday, the Chengdu municipal government and Sinoma developed a new CDs@MOF Compound light the company has obtained the polypropylene (PP) honeycomb material production technology license, and the limiting material Group Co., Ltd. has officially signed the strategic cooperation agreement for the western new material production base. Sinoma Group will invest 3billion yuan in Chengdu new materials industry functional zone. Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. will test the samples provided by customers. The price of each kind of experimental machine determines its function. Its western new materials production base will focus on the research and development and production of composite materials, artificial crystals, industrial ceramics, glass fibers and other new materials

in addition, Chengdu will actively seek cooperation with Sinoma in new energy, equipment manufacturing, logistics and other fields. Among them, the project with an annual output of 100000 quartz ceramic crucibles invested by Sinoma high tech materials Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Sinoma Group, will be the first to start construction today

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