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Sinoma technology will invest a huge amount in renewable water reuse project recently, Sinoma technology announced that the company plans to cooperate with Shandong Murray Technology Co., Ltd. to jointly invest in the establishment of "Shandong Sinoma Murray water Co., Ltd. (tentative name)" and invest 199 million yuan in the construction of the "renewable water reuse project in Shouguang Binhai (Yangkou) economic development zone" in Shouguang, Shandong Province through BOT

according to the announcement, the main implementation body of the reclaimed water reuse project in Shouguang Binhai (Yangkou) Economic Development Zone: Shandong 3. During the experiment, Sinoma murui water Co., Ltd. (tentative name) was established with a joint investment of 80million yuan by Sinoma technology and Shandong murui, of which Sinoma technology invested 48million yuan, holding 60% shares, and Shandong murui invested 32million yuan, holding 40%

the announcement said that after the establishment of Sinoma Murray, it will undertake the construction of the "reclaimed water reuse project in Shouguang Binhai (Yangkou) economic development zone" through BOT. The establishment of Sinoma murui will help the company's environmental engineering industry expand its business scope in the field of reclaimed water reuse, accumulate BOT project experience, establish a model project, and establish the company's brand influence in the environmental engineering industry, so as to further expand the industrial scale, enhance market competitiveness, and ensure the smooth realization of the company's industrial development strategic plan

Sinoma Technology Co., Ltd. is the birthplace of the technology of special fiber composites in China. It is the only high-tech enterprise integrating research and development, design and manufacturing in the industry of special fiber composites in China. The company inherits the core technical resources and talents of the former Nanjing glass fiber research and Design Institute, Beijing glass fiber reinforced plastic research and Design Institute and Suzhou nonmetal mine industrial design and Research Institute, which have been providing customers with a reference for more than 40 years. It is not only the technical equipment research and Development Center of China's special fiber composite industry, but also the largest supporting research and development base of special fiber composite materials in China's national defense industry, It leads the technical development direction of spring tension and compression testing machine, spring change testing machine and spring fatigue testing machine for special fiber composites in China

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