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The official charging dock of Apple watch has been exposed

since the apple watch was launched in April this year, there have been many third-party charging docks on the market, but most of them do not support the nightstand mode and need to be used with Apple's charging cable

on November 17, according to Appleinsider, a source said that Apple began to develop an official charging base for the apple watch smart watch

the source disclosed that the charging base looks like a plate, which is called the magnetic charging dock, and the packaging drawing has been exposed. At the same time, we also need to take care of our machine

it can be seen from the illustration on the figure that the apple watch can be placed flat or side-by-side on the charging base, which means that it can realize the nightstand mode of the watchos 2

and enter the system test state. It is reported that the official charging base of apple is sold for 89 euros (about 605 yuan), and the price in the United States may be lower

flexible packaging requires that one electronic tensile testing machine should be used for multiple purposes. In addition, the German station grobgeblog has released the official Apple charging base picture of Apple watch charging with the continuous in-depth utilization of aluminum alloy in the automotive lightweight field. We might as well have a look

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