The hottest app Taiwan branch passed pefc0

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App Paper Co., Ltd. (APP Paper Co., Ltd) which is responsible for selling app Asia Pulp paper cultural paper in Taiwan through pefc

passed the international famous forest certification unit PEFC COC at the end of 2013 The production and marketing chain of custody certification of the forest verification and accreditation program has become the latest example of a green environmental protection enterprise in Taiwan, such as home, which has obtained pefc-coc certification

Asia paper was established in 1997 and is responsible for selling all kinds of high-quality cultural paper for app in Taiwan. For example, the widely acclaimed photocopy paper brand paperline and the newly launched Sheikh brand environmental protection copper Sika have both quality and green characteristics, and adhere to the business philosophy of sustainable development. In addition, Asia Paper actively implements the green commitment of the 2020 sustainable development blueprint of APP headquarters, and helps promote Taiwan's green economy and environmental consumption by providing green certified goods

zhangjinqi, general manager of Asiatic paper, said: Asiatic officially passed the PEFC COC production and marketing chain of Supervision certification, which is an important milestone for app Shenzhen to cultivate Taiwan with high quality requirements and sustainable operation and development. Looking ahead to 2014, Asia will continue to strive to meet the different paper needs of consumers, actively participate in ecological conservation activities, and take practical actions to invest more care for Taiwan's society and environment

pefc is the largest forest verification system in the world at present. The fair audit of the third-party verification unit ensures that the products come from the well managed sustainable forest. Pefc-coc certification not only promotes the sustainable management of global forestry, but also helps consumers choose green certified products wisely

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