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In view of the common decoration problems in winter construction, such as wood drying and cracking, environmental protection construction, safety prevention and so on, Nanjing Youheng decoration company has formulated strict and standardized winter construction standards, and made professional adjustments and improvements to the conventional types of work in home decoration construction projects. The "special decoration materials for winter" have been developed to meet the higher performance requirements of decoration materials in winter and ensure the stable performance and high-quality environmental protection of materials

measure 1: comprehensively upgrade the woodworking process to prevent cracking, deformation, bulging, hanging and other phenomena

① open a "V" shaped groove (commonly known as "splay mouth") at the splicing of wood products with oil mixing technology, fill it with special atomic ash for Longfa and smooth it; To ensure that it will not crack after warming up in spring; ② The decorative panel is painted with primer to prevent the panel from cracking due to temperature and humidity changes; ③ Light steel keel or light bricks are used in kitchen and bathroom pipeline works to effectively prevent deformation and wood decay due to water absorption and prolong the service life; ④ According to the characteristics of air drying and dry materials in winter, light steel keel is used in ceiling engineering, and wood products used in local modeling are painted with special fire retardant coating in winter, so as to effectively prevent fire hazards in the process of use; ⑤ A 3mm expansion joint is reserved for the paved wooden floor, and the application of desiccant is increased to prevent the plate from bulging and hanging due to the rise of temperature

measure 2: improve the oil process to ensure the stability and durability of the coating materials

① strictly ensure the indoor temperature and ensure that the ambient temperature for coating application is not lower than 8 ℃; ② Control the time interval of coating to ensure that the coating is fully dry; ③ Moderately increase the number of application times and increase the thickness of paint film; ④ During the construction of wall paint base, the special wall treasure in winter is used to effectively solve the temperature impact during storage and transportation




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