High temperature fire prevention in summer fire dr

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In recent days, many places in Hunan have experienced continuous sunny, hot and high temperatures, and the temperature has risen, which is a period of frequent fires. In order to further improve the fire safety work in summer, improve the fire prevention awareness of employees and the ability to deal with emergency rescue, the company has held fire safety drills for many times

the atmosphere at the drill site was serious and tense. Many new colleagues used fire extinguishers for the first time and said that they were not as complicated as they thought. In case of an accident, be calm and use the fire extinguisher around you in time to prevent a small fire from causing a major disaster

after the drill, the company's safety officer commented on the drill, pointed out the problems in the drill process, and put forward corrections to some colleagues' side fire-fighting practices, especially emphasizing that the fire-fighting must be at the upper air outlet and pay attention to the safe distance to avoid the fire fighting; Once again, we organized everyone to learn the operation methods of fire extinguishers, and combined theoretical knowledge with practice through on-site practice

the successful completion of many fire drills has strengthened the safety awareness of employees, turned Abstract safety knowledge into specific practical exercises, made all employees understand the response measures in case of disasters, enhanced self-protection and self-help skills, and effectively strengthened the safety production work of the enterprise




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