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Many people came to Shangpin natural color store to see the price. At first glance, they thought that the price was really expensive. "The appearance, color and color are roughly the same. Why is the price higher in your house?" This is often asked

many people come to Shangpin natural color store to see the price. At first glance, they think that the price is really expensive, "the appearance, color and are roughly the same. Why is the price higher in your house?" This is a frequently asked question, dear friends, I really want to ask, just like the once popular TV series "Eagle heroes", various versions of little dragon girl, are they the same

if Xiaobian tells you now that Shangpin natural wood door is really inexpensive, you probably won't believe it. It doesn't matter if you don't believe it. Please look down to ensure that you are convinced

first, look at the brand

Shangpin natural color wooden door is a well-known first-line brand in the country, a super class enterprise in the wooden door industry, China's top ten wooden door brands, and the top 30 enterprises in the national wooden door. It has more than 800 franchised stores in the country. Shangpin natural color continues to win breakthroughs in development, and has become a wooden door supplier for the Yanqi Lake International Conference Center of the APEC conference in 2014

these are incomparable to ordinary wooden door enterprises

second, look at the appearance, look at the design

Shangpin natural color wooden door - the shape is elegant and implicit, the temperament is gorgeous, the lines are soft, the details are exquisite and warm, the patterns are novel and special, there is no complex carving, no cumbersome decoration, and there is nobility in simplicity. Shangpin natural color wooden door always represents superb wooden door design and production technology. Shangpin essence focuses on making wooden doors into works of art in life. The exquisite wooden door design drawings seem to be outlined by Leonardo da Vinci for you, and the pen carving is like Michelangelo's hand...

the editor can't help but sigh: where is this door, this is a work of art! If you wear the same soft clothes, you can make your home beautiful

third, look at the paint work

have you ever seen a wooden door store with a spotlight directly on the door leaf? Let everything of the door appear in the light, exposed in your eyes; Do you see any small particles on it? Wood has wood, isn't it...

Shangpin natural color all wood door paints adopt the top-level environmental protection paint suitable for all high-end villas with innovative odor cleaning technology. It not only has high transparency, strong porosity, good adhesion, soft feel, good leveling, good sandability, and the paint film is not easy to whiten after drying, but also has high environmental protection performance with low odor and formaldehyde content reaching E0 level. At the same time, the unique dust-free, baking and painting process of Shangpin natural color wood door ensures that the paint penetrates into the wood fiber holes, ensuring that the paint surface is smoother, the wood texture is clearer, the adhesion of the paint film is stronger, and the environmental protection performance is better

fourth, look at the six sides of the door

everyone on earth knows that wood has the characteristics of wet expansion and dry shrinkage. Because Shangpin natural color wooden door is sealed on six sides, you can directly watch the bottom and top of the door, which are sealed with paint, which can have a better moisture-proof effect. We use it more easily

v. look at the material

Shangpin natural color wood doors are particularly cautious in the selection of materials. Not every kind of wood can be lucky to be the material selection of Shangpin natural color wood doors. All the raw materials of wood doors entering Shangpin natural color production base are heavily screened out by many elements such as wood color, patterns, growth rings, etc., and can only be used after passing the inspection. Unqualified wood is not qualified? Do you think anyone can be a little dragon girl

after seeing these above, do you dare to say that the natural wood door is expensive? The best paint, the most environmentally friendly wood, a first-class brand, its cost performance is really high, there are wood, there are wood...

enchanted! It's better to act than to move. Go to Shangpin natural color store and have a look




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