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International Children's Day, which we miss, is coming soon. Are parents ready to rearrange their babies' rooms? Let the wall of the children's room be as cheerful and active as this summer. Children's respiratory system and liver function are relatively fragile, and they are relatively vulnerable to adverse environment. Therefore, the decoration materials used in the children's room must be safe, environmentally friendly, comfortable and soft, so that your child can grow up in a healthy, happy, comfortable and learning environment

first, paint needs more environmental protection

at present, some harmful substances volatilized from paint can't be felt by ordinary people, and it is difficult to detect by instruments, but they have a great impact on children and other sensitive people. Therefore, in order to ensure the healthy growth of children, experts suggest that it is best to use water-based paint with less irritation in the children's room, and it is best not to use lead paint in the room where children under 6 years old live

the commonly used coatings in home decoration mainly include solvent based and water-based coatings. Solvent based coatings are often much cheaper than water-based coatings in the market. Therefore, many decoration companies will choose the former. However, according to experts, the content of benzene homologues in solvent based coatings is often much higher than that of water-based coatings, which has pungent smell and great harm to human body in the process of use. After being discharged into the atmosphere, it will also pollute the environment, and even have the risk of fire. Until the paint is dry, the harm to human body will fall to the level of water-based paint

second, choose paper-based Wallpapers

although there are many kinds of wallpapers, including paper-based wallpapers, object surface wallpapers, PVC wallpapers and natural material surface wallpapers from raw materials, it is best to use paper-based wallpapers for children's room wallpapers, because this kind of wallpapers are made of paper, which has good air permeability, cracks are not easy to burst, and has good environmental protection. Moreover, although the raw material of natural material wallpaper is also a natural and environmentally friendly type, it is not suitable for lively and destructive children because of its high price, poor durability and fire resistance

therefore, compared with other wallpapers, paper-based wallpapers are more suitable for use in children's rooms. In addition, its price is relatively cheap. Children like new things. If they use Wallpapers of the same design and color for a long time, they sometimes get bored; Moreover, the children are active, and the wallpaper will be damaged soon, so it needs to be replaced, so that the replacement will not make parents too distressed

III. the floor material is warm

the floor is the place that children contact most. No matter what seats are provided for them, children still like to crawl around, roll over and roll on the floor. Therefore, the material of the floor of the children's room must have a warm touch and be able to meet the needs of children from infancy to adolescence. The material should also be easy to clean, and there should be no uneven patterns or seams, because any small thing that accidentally falls into these concave seams may become a potential threat to children. At the same time, these concave convex patterns and gaps are also easy to trip up toddlers, so it is important that the floor is smooth and flat. The board material is too hard. Although it is easy to clean, it feels cold, especially for children who climb everywhere

if parents plan to lay carpets on hard ground, they should first find out whether the original ground is too smooth. If the carpet is too smooth, it is easy to slide. Before laying the carpet, set a lining layer (made of plastic) on the hard surface and fix the surrounding carpet edges





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