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Decoration is a headache. From the time of inviting the decoration company, we began to take precautions step by step to avoid jumping into the trap set by the bad decoration company. But young people are inexperienced after all. You may not realize it until the decoration is over.

decoration is a headache. From the time of inviting the decoration company, we began to take precautions step by step to avoid jumping into the trap set by the bad decoration company. But young people are inexperienced after all. You may not realize that you have been cheated until the decoration is over. The following are three common decoration traps that consumers are easily deceived

letter art decoration and songmeijia trap 1: the construction contract of home decoration project is a set

before the construction of home decoration, most owners have been more smart than in the past. In order to prevent trouble afterwards, they generally take the initiative to sign contracts with decoration enterprises. However, a decoration contract, if not carefully read, may also become a trap, pushing all responsibilities to consumers, while decoration enterprises can not bear any responsibility. In order to avoid the trap set by the other party, you should be careful when signing the contract

according to my experience, there are usually the following problems in the construction contract of decoration engineering: 1. There is only a time agreement for payment, and there is no premise agreement for payment. Because the home decoration project is basically paid by the owner first and then constructed, and it is paid according to the construction progress, that is, it is paid according to the progress, that is, the project payment of the next process can be paid only after the previous process is completed and qualified, and there is no such agreement in the contract. 2. In many contracts, there are only acceptance methods but no acceptance standards. Let's ask, without standards, there is no reference frame. How can the acceptance be carried out? 3. There are few or unclear agreements on the breach of contract of the construction party

preventive measures: first of all, we should choose the contract documents uniformly formulated by the relevant national departments, and refuse the documents formulated by the enterprise itself or changing the terms of the contract without authorization. Secondly, before signing the contract, you should understand the contents of the decoration project contract, such as project overview, quality requirements, project price payment, etc. if you are not clear about the agreed responsibilities and obligations, it is recommended to sign a supplementary agreement on the spot to clarify the rights and responsibilities of both parties and the punishment or solution to the defaulting party. Third, the signed contract must be verified by the market management department to see whether it is legal and effective. In case of any dispute, the market management department can correctly solve the contradiction and safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of both parties from an objective and fair position

trap 2: falsely high quotation on materials

during the decoration process, some decoration companies will take the initiative to provide consumers with project budget lists before construction. These budget items are often unilateral by the decoration party, and consumers have no number in their hearts. For such a seemingly detailed quotation, if the area is deliberately increased when calculating the construction area, the area that should be excluded will not be excluded, or the area of irregular places will be calculated according to the maximum size. The materials in the quotation are inconsistent with those actually used, especially the fake and inferior materials used in the base layer to reduce the cost, or deliberately increase the material loss, or increase the quantities after the loss. Some also use the package quotation method to deceive consumers, which seems scientific, but actually vague, and the project cost increases in disguised form

preventive measures: first, verify the true situation of the reported project with the relevant personnel of the decoration enterprise to prevent false reports; Secondly, we should make clear the materials, construction procedures and service items we need. For unclear materials, you can go to the decoration materials market to consult and understand, so as to know well. When necessary, the decorator should be asked to estimate the consumption of various decoration materials and specify the proportion of surplus and deficit, so as to prevent the decorator from cutting corners; Third, the detailed construction methods, material names and grades shall be marked on the construction drawings as annexes to the contract, and the names, quantities, unit prices and total prices of the items listed in the quotation shall be carefully checked. It is not allowed to be careless, let alone abandon the principle for a moment of convenience

trap 3: cut corners and make profits.

due to the continuous understanding of the home decoration market by consumers, some home decoration enterprises, especially home decoration “ Guerrillas ” If you can't do it openly, you can make profits secretly. When soliciting business, they deliberately sign contracts at a low price to solicit business. Some can do it, but if they can't do it, they just walk away with money. While others adopt the methods of reducing construction procedures and reducing material grades to fake filling and mixed grade to achieve the purpose of reducing decoration costs. If only 3 coats of 6 coats of paint should be applied, the wooden base is not treated firmly, and the proportion of water added to the emulsion paint is not equal. It not only reduces the quality of house decoration, but also raises the decoration cost

preventive measures: first, choose decoration enterprises with legal business licenses, decoration qualification certificates, fixed office premises and fixed design and construction teams, and guaranteed reputation; Secondly, we should carefully check the construction area estimated by the construction party, the specifications and grades of various materials used, and make sure whether the project cost and quality are consistent with the actual situation; Third, when the decoration is completed, the quality of the acceptance project is best to ask the relevant quality supervision and testing departments to check and find problems one by one to prevent them

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