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Nowadays, there are many kinds of sofas on the market, and leather sofa is one of them. Generally speaking, leather sofa looks high-end, atmospheric, and easy to clean; Moreover, the leather sofa is also more durable, and has various shapes and styles, which is easy to match, and is deeply loved by people. Now come with me to understand the relevant knowledge of leather sofa

Analysis of advantages and disadvantages of leather sofa &mdash& mdash; Advantages:

1. Leather sofa gives people the first impression of being superior

2. Leather sofa has good air permeability and is very comfortable to use

3. Compared with fabric sofa, leather sofa has the advantage of easy cleaning

4. The leather sofa has a good texture and brings people a comfortable life experience

Analysis of advantages and disadvantages of leather sofa &mdash& mdash; Disadvantages

1. Generally speaking, the price of high-quality leather sofa is relatively expensive; The inferior leather sofa is not only not durable, but also emits a skin odor if it is not cleaned in place. It won't take long for the sofa to be renovated

2. Ox tendon is naturally formed. After processing, there will be a trace, which is caused by not flattening in the heavy pressure. This phenomenon only exists in the dermis. The touch is a little poor, but it does not affect the adaptation period. When making furniture, it is required not to use it in the front

3. Fat wrinkle is inevitable in the growth of cattle. Such as the belly, neck and other parts of cattle. When making sofas, the use of cowhide covers a large area, sometimes inevitably including belly, neck and other parts, which does not affect the use performance, but for sensory effects, it is required not to use it in the front

leather sofa maintenance knowledge

1. Ensure room ventilation

I believe everyone doesn't know much about the maintenance of leather sofa. It is very important to pay attention to ventilation. In addition, the leather sofa cannot be exposed to the sun, nor can it be placed in an air-conditioned place, which is easy to fade or harden

2. Do not use soap and water for cleaning.

in addition, it should be noted that it is forbidden to use acidic detergent to clean the leather sofa, because it has certain corrosiveness, which will damage the surface of the leather sofa. In addition, nowadays, most leather sofas are pressed by fiberboard machines. If water is not carefully penetrated into them, it will cause moldy furniture

3. Don't rub vigorously

don't use too much force when cleaning the leather sofa. Nowadays, there are many leather sofa materials on the market, and different maintenance methods should be used in the face of different materials. Therefore, during cleaning, dry cotton cloth should be used for regular cleaning to avoid scratching the surface. It is best to put it in a dry and ventilated place

4. Clean it regularly

it is recommended to clean the leather sofa regularly. First, clean the dust on the surface with a wet towel, and then gently wipe the surface of the sofa with a care agent, so that the dirt is not easy to penetrate into the pores of the dermis, which is convenient for future cleaning

editor's summary: when choosing leather sofas, we must compare them appropriately based on our own decoration style to ensure that we can choose the most suitable leather sofa. The above is the introduction of leather sofa. I hope I can help friends who need it in this regard




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