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Considerations suitable for ocean transportation of corrugated boxes (I)

maritime cargo transportation is the main mode of international trade transportation. It has the advantages of large throughput, large transportation volume, low freight and strong adaptability to goods. Coupled with the unique global geographical conditions, the design of polymer materials can have specific expected properties. It has become the main mode of transportation in international trade. 80% - 90% of China's total import and export freight is carried out by sea

as a modern means of transportation, containers, which are inseparable from ocean transportation, have not been fully used for a long time, but they have made the transportation of goods develop in the direction of integration and rationalization, saved the packaging materials and freight and miscellaneous expenses of goods, reduced the damage and difference of goods, guaranteed the transportation quality, shortened the transportation time, and thus reduced the transportation cost. However, in terms of ideal use conditions, the space utilization rate of containers is not high. For example, a 20 foot container has a volume of 33 cubic meters, generally 25 cubic meters, and the utilization rate is about 75%; A 40 foot container has a volume of 67 cubic meters, generally 55 cubic meters, and the utilization rate is about 82%. If the packing box itself is not full, the actual utilization rate of the container will be lower. This is the current situation of transportation

therefore, for enterprises whose products are exported to the ocean, how to make full use of the internal space of containers is one of the most direct and effective ways to reduce transportation costs. Then, whether users and carton enterprises know what kind of corrugated box is suitable for ocean transportation, and how they know the corrugated box used for ocean transportation. This magazine interviewed several export-oriented enterprises, just for "peeping into the leopard", hoping that carton factory readers can obtain effective information from it

in ocean transportation, the low-intensity vibration during stable navigation on calm sea has little effect on the resonance of goods. Attention should be paid to the high-intensity vibration during heavy winds and waves or emergency operation navigation. In addition, due to the relatively large changes in climatic conditions, such as the temperature and humidity changes of trans equatorial trans ocean transportation, the average temperature is -30 ℃ ~ 30 ℃. The average humidity is 75% - 90%. Another example is the tropical rain forest in the north and South latitudes, where the relative humidity of the air is often above 90, and rainfall is frequent. The maximum sea surface temperature is 50 ℃. Moreover, under the scorching sun, the temperature of containers and ship decks rises sharply. These have a great impact on corrugated boxes. There are also water pile corrugated boxes that have a great impact, such as water vapor evaporation, water splashing, cargo tank ponding and other phenomena

corrugated boxes also have serious safety hazards. The compressive strength decreases with time due to pressure fatigue. One month of ocean transportation is enough to reduce the strength of corrugated boxes by 40%. There is a great relationship between the compressive strength of corrugated boxes and moisture content. In addition to the direct influence of water, the relative humidity of air will significantly affect the moisture content of cardboard. The strength of corrugated box decreases with the increase of relative humidity. The data shows that the compressive strength of cartons will drop sharply at 30 ℃ and 80% humidity. The temperature is 40 ℃ and the humidity drops by 60% at 95 ℃

the storage environment of ocean transportation is mainly the environment in which boxes of goods are in containers. In this "if you can print the catheter sample of specific geometry according to the specific 3D of individual patients, the biggest factor affecting the carton in the ocean transportation environment is humidity. Too high humidity will affect the compression resistance, burst resistance and other properties of the carton. During transportation, the phenomenon of" container rain "is often caused by long time span, large temperature difference and high environmental humidity (i.e. condensation of water vapor in the carton), This will affect the preservation quality of the transported goods and cause a certain degree of economic losses in serious cases

considering the impact of the above special transportation environment on corrugated box packaging, corrugated boxes used for ocean transportation should at least consider the following aspects:

1 The requirements for stacking performance are improved, which is very different from other transportation environments

2. It should be suitable for high temperature and high humidity environmental conditions

3. The transportation process lasts for a long time, so the time effect should be considered

4. To adapt to low-frequency swing, appropriate confinement materials, such as winding film, should be used

from the interview, the users of corrugated boxes for ocean transportation all reflect that the overall level of corrugated boxes used for ocean transportation in China is relatively good at present. However, because cartons used for ocean transportation are generally affected by many unknown factors, users generally demand cartons with higher standards. Although it causes waste to a certain extent, the overall level is still relatively high

size determination of corrugated boxes

according to Shen Hongbo, packaging development engineer of Aikang Biotechnology (Hangzhou) Co., Ltd., a large part of Aikang's products are exported by ocean transportation. When determining the size of corrugated boxes, they first scheduled the length, width and height dimensions, and tried to multiply these dimensions by an integer to approach the internal size of the container. Size determination includes four links: container size - carton stacking method - carton size - product size and discharge. Then the effective calculation is carried out in combination with the actual situation

Shen Kejun, a packaging engineer of Warner Shenglong (Ningbo) Co., Ltd., told them that when calculating the size of corrugated boxes, they first divide the internal size of containers by integers to get the value, and then get the box size after regularization. Finally, the size of corrugated box is determined according to the actual situation, such as product size, discharge and packaging requirements

Midea (Zhongshan) electric fan manufacturing Co., Ltd. usually determines the size of corrugated boxes according to the size of products and packaging requirements, and then calculates the number of containers according to the size of corrugated boxes. Li Xikun, the packaging designer of the company, said that in order to meet the requirements of container loading, the size of the carton is smaller in width, which is a more suitable placement method. Usually, in order to prevent the goods in the container from hitting people when opening, it is placed in the direction of shorter width on the short side of the cabinet, and the top can be placed horizontally

as for the size of corrugated boxes, I learned from the interview that Midea (Zhongshan) electric fan manufacturing Co., Ltd. is now trying to standardize some products, mainly limiting the size of products according to the number of cabinets. Although it is still in the preliminary stage of data collation, this constructive approach is worth looking forward to. Then, the relevant experts were asked about the standardization of the size of corrugated boxes. The experts suggested that since the standardization of cartons also involves other contents, such as the printing of labels, printing or sticking, after standardization, some small parts are needed to match, and some links should be added. Therefore, for whether to carry out standardization, we must calculate the cost before making the final decision

box shape selection of corrugated boxes

when asking about the box shape selection of corrugated boxes, I asked: what box type is usually used? Have you considered using other boxes of polyamide and polyester as the ideal choice for making connectors for sensors, displays and controls to solve the strength problem? What is the impact of different box types and sizes on costs? Has accounting been performed

through the visits of several corrugated box users, it is found that many problems have been exposed, and many enterprises are not very clear about the impact of corrugated box shape on carton strength. They generally prefer to choose the 0201 box type. I don't know much about some other boxes, and I haven't done strength and cost accounting. Of course, some people related to packaging structure design put forward that sometimes they have done box shape calculation and consider changing the box shape, but they often do not get the cooperation of other departments of the company, so it is difficult to implement

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