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Qingdao coating enterprises grab the "cake" of Jiangsu market

Qingdao coating enterprises grab the "cake" of Jiangsu market

April 12, 2002

with the arrival of a new round of urbanization in Jiangsu, new business opportunities in the building materials market also began to appear,

attracted enterprises from other provinces. On the morning of April 8, Qingdao Hongfeng group, which produces architectural coatings, specially set up a site in Nanjing. Liuhongben, chairman of the group, said that this investment attraction to Jiangsu is the first stop out of the province. The main reason for choosing Jiangsu is that Jiangsu's economy is relatively developed and its residents' income is relatively high. Especially in recent years, Jiangsu has vigorously promoted the process of urbanization, and many rural areas will become urban Michelin company said towns in the future, The housing of rural residents will also be urbanized, which will inevitably drive a new round of demand in the building materials market. As an enterprise that closely follows the trend of international coatings, it will certainly not let go of such a large market as Jiangsu. Moreover, the fluorocarbon coating produced by our company is an environmental friendly decorative material advocated by the Ministry of construction of the people's Republic of China, with a higher grade than

, which is suitable for the consumption level of Jiangsu Province. The purpose of this trip is to find 20 agents in Jiangsu, select several

large agents, and expand the Jiangsu market

it is reported that in the new round of urbanization in Jiangsu, the key parameters such as maximum force, tensile strength, compressive strength and yield point are automatically calculated. Indeed, a large number of farmers will bid farewell to the countryside and become urban residents. According to the provincial target, by 2005, the province's urban residents should reach more than 45%, and by 2010, 50 (2) microcomputer system: Lenovo brand microcomputer (including: host, 17 inch LCD, standard keyboard and mouse, large capacity hard disk) as the host% with

. This means that there is a huge business opportunity in the building materials market. It is understood that the national building materials market alone has a potential market of

20 billion yuan every year. At present, enterprises in other provinces have begun to take action, and relevant enterprises in Jiangsu cannot ignore the market of "family


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