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Qimei materials invested 1billion yuan to expand its production in mainland and seize the market of polarizers

in response to the mainstream of large-scale TV, the board of directors of Qimei materials, a large polarizer, decided to invest in people. Many users simply did not know that Jinan experimental machine factory Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. was specifically there for 1billion yuan (about NT $4.6 billion), and set up a Xi'an subsidiary to support the expansion of the third 2.5-meter ultra wide production line and compete for the market through new products, Replace the belt on the force measuring piston

Qimei materials' layout in the mainland market, combined with Nitto electric technology, the leading polarizer, is expected to invest three production lines with an ultra wide width of 2.5 meters in five years, hoping to overtake in a fast curve, seize China's large-scale TV business opportunities, seize 20% of the market share, and promote the A-class polarizer factory

At the end of last year, Qimei material announced that it was authorized by Nitto technology to import the world's first 2.5m wide production line in the reinvestment Kunshan plant, which is expected to be put into production as soon as the beginning of the second quarter of 2019. In response to the formation of BOE, a Chinese panel factory, in panel settlements in Hefei, Wuhan and Chengdu Huike, the third 2.5-meter production line finally settled in Xi'an to supply the nearby 10.5-generation panel demand

Qimei materials estimates that after the three 2.5-meter-wide production lines are fully opened, the annual production capacity will reach 100million square meters, accounting for about 20% of China's market share, and it is able to resist LG

Qimei materials' monthly revenue, if any, was 1.05 billion yuan in December last year, with a monthly decrease of 2.86%; The cumulative annual revenue of last year was 11.393 billion yuan, an annual increase of 9.5%. In niche markets such as Qimei materials sprint and automotive, the revenue of small and medium-sized applications rose to 30% at the end of last year, which is expected to increase the average unit price. On the other hand, 58 inch TV polarizers have been certified and shipped successfully, pushing up the revenue of last December to maintain a relatively high-end

the board of directors of Qimei materials also approved that Kunshan Qimei increased its capital by US $146million in November last year. Hangzhou Jinjiang Group, the original major shareholder, plans to transfer its existing 46% equity to Xi'an Hengchun investment management partnership (Xi'an Fund). Jinjiang Group and Zhejiang Renyuan import and Export Co., Ltd. will not increase their capital, and US $146million will be increased by Xi'an fund and Taiwan Qimei materials by 50% respectively

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