Considering from multiple perspectives, it will ta

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Considering from multiple perspectives, it will take time for digital printing to develop.

compared with tens of millions of large-scale printing equipment, the price of high-end digital printing equipment has not become the threshold for large-scale traditional printing enterprises to invest. Traditional printing enterprises pay more attention to the structure, function, printing quality and applicability of equipment. It is understood that at present, most of the traditional printing enterprises purchase multi-color digital printing machines such as Kodak nExpress and HP indigo to cope with personalized commercial printing and follow the high-end product line, while publishing and printing enterprises that mainly print short edition books and periodicals mostly use monochrome or multi-color equipment from OSI, Fuji Xerox and other manufacturers, mainly printing short edition books and supplementary edition books

high willingness to invest in equipment

in the printing industry, many enterprises have been exposed to digital printing in recent years. It is understood that in terms of the time to carry out digital printing business, 38% of the enterprises did not carry out digital printing, 31% of the enterprises carried out for one to three years, 25% of the enterprises carried out for three to five years, and only 6% of the enterprises carried out for more than five years. It should be said that printing enterprises are willing to invest in digital printing equipment

prepress system

in terms of prepress investment, printing enterprises are basically relatively generous, but there are great differences in the scale of investment. According to the survey, about 1/3 of printing enterprises are willing to invest less than 200000 yuan in the prepress system, including some enterprises that are not willing to invest in the prepress system at all; Nearly half of the printing enterprises are willing to invest more than 500000 yuan in the prepress system

although digital printing is convenient and fast, prepress often becomes a bottleneck restricting the production efficiency of digital printing. At present, the vast majority of digital printing businesses require pre press processing, which is no simpler than traditional businesses. However, whether traditional prepress production software, various template software here, or other process integration software, all belong to the category of prepress system. Therefore, purchasing digital printing equipment is only the first step into the field of digital printing. In order to really make good use of digital printing equipment and bring benefits to enterprises, there is still a lot of investment and work to be done in other aspects

the survey found that both electrostatic photography and inkjet printing accounted for 38% of the market share. Obviously, they are well deserved leaders in the field of digital printing technology (see Figure 2). It is understood that the prepress software used by printing enterprises at present mainly includes: Photoshop, index, professional digital printing template software, ERP software, MIS software, web printing software and other application software

printing equipment

for printing enterprises that want to adopt digital printing technology, digital printing machine should be the top priority in their investment budget. According to the survey, the largest number of printing enterprises willing to invest less than 1million yuan in digital printing equipment, up to 38%; There are also many printing enterprises willing to invest more than 5million yuan in digital printing equipment

statistics show that many printing enterprises agree with the current price positioning of production-oriented digital printing equipment, and some enterprises even directly equate the price space of digital printing equipment with traditional printing equipment, which is directly related to the importance of digital printing in the Chinese market and the improvement of the economic strength of printing enterprises. But at the same time, there are not a few enterprises that take a wait-and-see attitude towards digital printing, and they are also more cautious in investment

the number of digital printing equipment is not only related to the digital printing ability of a printing enterprise, but also reflects the business development ability of the enterprise. Generally, many enterprises have more than three sets of digital printing equipment, while printing enterprises without digital printing equipment account for less than one third. It can be seen from this that it is not difficult for printing enterprises to purchase digital printing equipment, and there are not a few printing enterprises with multiple digital printing equipment, but the key is how to find the market, so that these expensive equipment can give full play to their role

post press system

a complete printing process is composed of three parts: pre press, printing and post press. A variety of post press equipment can not only ensure the overall efficiency of digital printing production in the detection of samples, shorten processing time, but also improve customer satisfaction. Therefore, digital printing enterprises have invested in finding loose post press equipment. It is understood that the vast majority of printing enterprises are willing to invest about 500000 yuan in the post press system, which is enough to show that a considerable number of printing enterprises are aware of the importance of post press processing

some equipment manufacturers said that some enterprises did not consider supporting the corresponding post press equipment when they first introduced digital printing equipment. Some of them had their own post press equipment for large-scale printing, but later they gradually introduced special digital post press equipment. In the remaining 29% of the surveyed enterprises, there may also be many such customers

many problems are difficult to solve

expanding business and serving customers are the main reasons for traditional printing enterprises to buy digital printing machines. Many enterprises said that in the increasingly competitive environment of the printing industry, they would expand their business with new production methods and provide more services to customers. Indeed, many of their express printing businesses start from original customers. Most of their printing businesses are short edition printing and personalized product printing, and they do not share business with traditional printing equipment. However, the business volume of digital printing equipment has a lot to do with the production scale of enterprises, such as Heshan Artus and Suzhou Xingguang group. Due to their large volume of books and periodicals, digital printing has reached a certain scale in the printing of sample books. Of course, the printing quotation system, which has invested in digital printing equipment, is also waiting for the opportunity to develop new business sources. Expanding business with the help of networks may be a way out. But for many large enterprises, there are also many problems

low utilization rate of equipment

it is understood that no enterprise can operate at full capacity in terms of the utilization rate of major digital printing equipment. According to the survey, 18% of enterprises have a utilization rate of 80% - 100%; 9% for enterprises with a utilization rate of 50% - 80%; Enterprises with a utilization rate of 30% - 50% are the most, reaching 55%. In addition, 18% of enterprises have a utilization rate of less than 30%. Insufficient operating rate has become a major problem for enterprises carrying out digital printing business

the profit model is exploring

in terms of the business areas involved, among the printing enterprises that have carried out digital printing business, social loose parts account for a large proportion of their business composition, followed by the production of personalized products such as sample books and stamps for publishing houses. This also reflects that at present, domestic digital printing has not yet formed a good operation and profit model

as for the way printing enterprises carry out business, there are also many choices at present, but most enterprises will still accept orders through special salesmen; The second is to receive orders through your own station; However, only a few of the interviewed enterprises choose to sit and wait for customers to come, collect activities in a decentralized manner, print in a centralized manner, cooperate with other stations to receive orders, combine receiving orders with business personnel, and other ways

from the perspective of long-term development, in order to achieve real development of digital printing, we must solve the problem of business collection mode. The biggest characteristics of digital printing business are short edition and personalization. If at present, we mainly use special business personnel to run customers and contract businesses with low sampling rate, its efficiency will become very low, and it is impossible to truly realize large-scale production. At the same time, manual collection also brings another problem, that is, the high collection cost. If this part of the cost cannot be reduced, the overall cost of digital printing cannot be reduced, and any end customer is unwilling to spend money on things they think are not worth it, resulting in a vicious circle

for the future development of digital printing, the feasible way in business acquisition is to take the way of receiving orders through network, and a network trading platform of digital printing is needed to promote the integration of digital printing and network system

high cost

when talking about the main problems faced by digital printing in China, many enterprises reported that the cost was high. This coincides with the problems reflected by digital printing manufacturers

the stitching strength and brush quality of those printed handbags and nursing supplies are not as good as those of traditional printing, the choice of printing materials that can be used is small, and the market positioning is problematic. People always think that it may be a factor that hinders the development of digital printing, and the industry has become a neglected corner, which shows that the performance and quality of digital printing equipment can fully meet the production requirements of most users, Digital printing equipment manufacturers should probably devote more energy to reducing equipment costs, how to help customers with market and product development, and how to provide better after-sales service and training

business shortage

there is no doubt that digital printing benefits from short edition printing. However, in view of the current situation in China, we have to re-examine this problem: China's small and medium-sized printing plants have excess investment, coupled with low labor prices, many enterprises are getting lower and lower in the initial printing volume to maintain their survival, with less than 1000 copies everywhere. This situation has resulted in live parts (such as 2000 copies) that appear to be short printed in foreign countries, but may be produced in printing plants in China

through the investigation of some digital printing equipment manufacturers, it is found that when talking about the profit balance between digital printing and traditional printing, 2000 copies have become the critical point generally recommended by equipment manufacturers. However, according to the actual situation of most Express Printing stores in Beijing market, many Express Printing stores also use traditional printing technology to complete the business of 500 or even 150 copies. In China, customers may choose to use digital printing to complete the ultra short edition business of oneortwo hundred copies. From this perspective, there is still a long way to go for the development of digital printing market

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