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Qingdao development zone carries out special rectification of the printing industry

recently, Qingdao Development Zone organized the publication management office, public security, industry and commerce, quality inspection, "anti pornography" office and other departments to jointly carry out special rectification of printing enterprises under its jurisdiction. Focus on cracking down on infringement and piracy, further standardize the daily business behavior of the printing industry, and encourage and guide printing enterprises to further expand and strengthen through mergers, reorganizations, alliances, etc., so as to improve the scale and grade of the printing industry in the region

during this special rectification period, the Qingdao Development Zone has dispatched 381 train times and 1632 person times to inspect 658 printing enterprises, issued a notice of rectification within a time limit to 21 enterprises whose "five systems" are not perfect, and filed a case for investigation against Qingdao huicaiyuan industry and Trade Co., Ltd. and Qingdao Huaxin Printing Co., Ltd., which illegally printed the illegal internal information publications of "warm harbor", In accordance with relevant regulations, a fine of 8800 yuan and 17600 yuan were imposed respectively, which effectively shook the illegal business behavior, further standardized the order of the printing industry in Qingdao Development Zone, and ensured the healthy and orderly development of the printing industry in the whole region

with the rapid economic development of the west coast of Qingdao, the printing industry in the development zone has developed rapidly, Up to now, there are 8 printing enterprises in the jurisdiction. Andy postlethwaite, senior vice president of BASF High Performance Materials Asia Pacific, said: "When it comes to the degree of freedom of design, there are 8, 57 typing and copying enterprises, the annual output value of the printing industry is 340million yuan, and there are thousands of employees. The printing industry has become an important part of the economic development of the new area.

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