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Qingdao high tech Zone: accelerate the building of the largest robot industry base in the North

Qingdao clearly proposes to accelerate the development of 13 industrial chains such as new generation information technology, new energy and new materials, and focuses on building the world's industrial interconnection capital, China's artificial intelligence application and service industry highland, new energy automobile industry base, robot industry base, etc. In March this year, the robot industry policy of Qingdao was officially issued, which is the first robot industry policy issued in the province

robots are the main direction of made in China 2025 and the key support for high-end equipment manufacturing. The R & D, manufacturing and application of robots have become an important symbol to measure the regional scientific and technological innovation ability and the development level of intelligent manufacturing. In fact, as early as last year, Qingdao launched the offensive of high-end manufacturing + artificial intelligence, taking the iterative upgrading of intelligent manufacturing equipment as one of the key tasks, and the robot industry has developed rapidly

as a cluster of robot enterprises in Qingdao, up to now, Qingdao high tech Zone has introduced more than 100 robot industrial chain projects, with a total investment of more than 13 billion yuan, accounting for more than 80% of the robot enterprises in the city. Its products involve software development, system integration, solutions, key components and other links of the industrial chain. As Yuejiang, iron man, Haier robot, Stuttgart, haizhichen, Kaiwo intelligent and other enterprises gradually form new clusters in the West Coast new area, the West Coast new area has also become a new carrier of Qingdao's robot industry. In addition, the robot industry is distributed in all districts and cities of Qingdao

the robot industry in Qingdao has always been dominated by industrial robots. Driven by the offensive of high-end manufacturing + artificial intelligence, more and more service robots and special robots combined with artificial intelligence appear in Qingdao. For example, the educational robot and meal delivery robot of Zhongzhi hongentropy, the agricultural robot of Wuniu intelligent technology, the explosion-proof fire-fighting robot of Aoxi and Fuxi, and the biped robot of iron man

enterprises pay attention to independent innovation

intelligent robots are closely related to our lives. What is the future development trend of this industry? How does the robot enterprise in Qingdao develop

in the exhibition hall of TONGCHAN intelligent technology company, dozens of intelligent robots are lined up, which are a series of products launched by the company since its establishment. People who have passed the driving test know that they need to queue up for a physical examination in a hospital or a special place before the test. This self-service physical examination system is a product launched by the company in 2015. It is mainly used in vehicle management offices at ordinary times. As long as people sit inside, they can automatically measure their height, weight, red and green color blindness and vision. The whole physical examination process takes only 3 to 5 minutes. Zheng Mingxing, the sales director of TONGCHAN intelligent technology company, said that at present, the products have been used in more than 100 prefectures and cities in 25 provinces across the country

△ TONGCHAN intelligent production life service robot. Photo by Wang Tao

in 2018, the company launched the second-generation product micro vehicle management office, which combines self-service physical examination with the business of vehicle management office to realize one-stop service. In May this year, the third generation products have also been launched. On the basis of the original, the driver's license making function has been added. As long as various information is input into the device, the driver's license can be printed on site

based on the main promotion of government service robots, in recent years, the company has launched life service robots, such as restaurant service robots, Community Patrol robots, etc. Zheng Mingxing said that there is no doubt that robots will become smarter and smarter. With the popularization of Internet, the wide application of 5g technology, the improvement of human-computer interaction ability and the reduction of production costs, in the future, intelligent robots will enter people's families more, and robots such as elderly companions, children's playmates and family safety guards will become part of the family

in the Kejie robot production workshop, dozens of injection molding robots are waving their arms and testing. Compared with manual, the manipulator of the injection robot can grasp 32 parts at a time, which greatly improves the production speed and accuracy. This photo frame production line uses machines to replace people. There are more than a dozen processes before and after cutting, shunting, framing and glazing, and each process takes no more than two seconds. In another area of the workshop, the company staff pointed to a robot and said

at the beginning of its establishment, Kejie robot aimed at the huge demand for robot products in the process of traditional industrial transformation and upgrading. Over the years, after continuous reform and innovation, Kejie has become an industrial 4.0 solution service provider with industrial robots, automated logistics equipment and intelligent equipment as the core. As more and more enterprises begin to rebuild intelligent factories and the demand for unmanned and less manned workshops increases, Kejie is also constantly providing customers with better product services. Products are widely used in rubber tire, 3C, automobile, woodworking, logistics and other industries

in China, intelligent manufacturing accounts for only 10% of the manufacturing industry, which is still in its infancy. Tao Xibing, chairman of Kejie robot company, said that at present, some factories with high labor intensity and relatively poor conditions will give priority to using robots. However, with the increase of labor costs, manual production cannot meet the high-end needs of parts. In addition to the needs of standardization, standardized production and large-scale customization, unmanned production lines and intelligent factories will be the development trend in the future

The development of robot industry is not a tree without soil, and Qingdao high tech Zone provides a fertile soil for it. TONGCHAN intelligent and Kejie are just outstanding representatives of many robot enterprises, and their independent innovation process is also a microcosm of the development process of the robot industry in the high-tech zone

2014 is the first year of the robot industry in Qingdao high tech Zone, with precise positioning and focus on the development of intelligent manufacturing industry dominated by robots. In recent years, with the support of a series of policies and the pull of market demand. 3. When the temperature of the tested sample is higher than 100 ° C, the use of this equipment for measurement is prohibited. The robot industry in the high-tech zone has developed rapidly, forming a good foundation and agglomeration, and has the development opportunity to seize the commanding height of the future economy, laying a good industrial foundation for the further development of artificial intelligence. Huaxifeng, deputy director of the Investment Promotion Department of Qingdao high tech Zone, said

Qingdao high tech Zone is the first national robot high-tech industrialization base approved by the Ministry of science and technology. It has a good industrial foundation and broad market space to develop the robot industry. Focusing on building and supplementing the robot industry chain, the high tech Zone has built a full chain industrial layout of robots. There are core component suppliers such as yingkerun reducer, Xusheng vision and Zhiteng microelectronic sensor, ontology manufacturers and system integrators such as Kejie, Baojia and Xinsong, and education and training institutions such as local cooperation and mangrove. The chain building has achieved remarkable results and formed a good supporting development model

△ Qingdao Xinsong factory is stepping up the assembly of the second generation of port mobile robots

in terms of industrial environment, the high tech Zone actively strives for national, provincial and municipal support at all levels, optimizes the development environment around talent, science and technology, finance, public services and other aspects, issues more than 10 industrial development plans and support policies, builds a comprehensive service platform for Qingdao International Robot Center, and comprehensively creates a good business development environment. At the same time, many departments of the high tech Zone, such as the party and the masses, economic development, science and technology, have introduced various policies that are really needed by enterprises to provide property right talent apartments, talent special zone plans, industrial development funds, park enterprise incubation incentives, etc. the park enterprises have achieved great results in both recruitment and introduction, and their innovation ability has been significantly improved

at present, robot leading enterprises have accelerated their agglomeration in the high-tech zone. Among the top 10 robot enterprises in the world, six have settled in, including abb, KUKA, Yaskawa, FANUC, nazhibueryue, and Xinsong. The four robot families have gathered, and a number of foreign-funded high-quality projects such as Biqin and hexcon have settled and developed; Local enterprises have a strong momentum, and soft control, Kejie robot, Kejie intelligent equipment, Baojia, Beiyang Tianqing, Xinghua intelligence and other enterprises have risen rapidly. A high-quality intelligent manufacturing industrial cluster with the international robot industrial park as the main base has been initially formed

build an ecosystem for robot development

according to the plan, Qingdao plans to use three years to strive to make the operating income of the robot industry in Qingdao exceed 10billion yuan and become one of the advanced cities in China; Focusing on the high-tech zone, the West Coast new area and other districts and cities, it is urgent to accelerate the transformation of the robot industry, build an ecosystem for robot development, and build a nationally renowned robot industry base

Qingdao high tech Zone scientifically lays out a new industrial chain of robot led AI + high-end equipment manufacturing, and accelerates the construction of the largest industrial base of JGJ 94 (9) 4, the technical specification for robot building pile foundations in northern China, which plays a very important role in accelerating the cultivation of world-class advanced manufacturing clusters in Qingdao. Combined with the current industrial base, the high-tech zone will focus on complementing the core components and robot body industrial chain, and further develop and expand system integration. Speaking of the future development of the robot industry, Hua Xifeng said

in the future, Qingdao high tech Zone will focus on the development of three core components: reducer, servo system and controller. Strengthen policy support in talent, technology, capital and other aspects, introduce foreign talents and cultivate domestic talents, and vigorously attract leading enterprises with advanced technology and strong driving force at home and abroad to settle in; On the other hand, actively cultivate the first utilization in the automotive industry has also been launched to cultivate local enterprises to grow and enhance their independent innovation ability. Support powerful robot body manufacturing enterprises to enter the field of core parts manufacturing through investment and technology introduction

in terms of midstream ontology manufacturers, software providers and system integrators, the high tech Zone will give full play to the leading role of leading enterprises, improve the supply capacity of medium and high-end products, and promote the development of industrial robots in the direction of miniaturization, lightness and flexibility from point to area. Expand the layout of human-computer cooperative robots, vacuum cleaning robots, fully autonomous programming industrial robots and other products, and promote the industrial robots in the high-tech zone to move forward to the middle and high end, so as to further expand, strengthen and optimize

actively expand the industrial scale of service robots and special robots. We will increase support for the existing service robots and special robots in Qingdao high tech Zone, and focus on the development of service robots for public services, logistics, home cleaning, education and entertainment, as well as special robots for public safety, emergency rescue, extreme operations, etc. Relying on the development foundation of the medical and pharmaceutical industry in the high-tech zone, actively develop medical robots such as surgical robots, auxiliary robots, rehabilitation robots, and accelerate the layout of robots in emerging application fields such as medical health

cultivate and expand robot application system integrators in key industries, and promote the development of robot industry in Qingdao high tech Zone with integrated applications. Relying on the good application market foundation of Qingdao high tech Zone, we will actively promote the large-scale integrated application of robots in electronic information, high-end manufacturing, pharmaceutical and other industries, focus on digital workshop and intelligent factory solutions, and accelerate the transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry

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