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Selection of video conference in the era of mobile Internet (II)

2.2 video conference system providers

A. professionalism: video conference system providers who have focused on the video conference industry for more than 10 years have been well used in many industries. Their video conference products have received nearly 500 applications from across the country. After becoming mature, safe and stable video conference systems, It is a powerful guarantee for enterprises to achieve unlimited communication

b, market share, customer satisfaction, a large number of industries are driven by servo electromechanical with high speed regulation accuracy, wide range and stable performance to rotate the ball screw pair through the synchronous toothed belt reduction system.

market share, the number of customers served, and customer satisfaction are the performance of the strength of video conference system providers. The top several in market share, thousands of high-quality customers and 99.8% customer satisfaction are necessary conditions for a high-quality video conference system provider

c, expert development team

d, with a perfect service system: with a perfect pre-sales, in-sales and after-sales service system, it can provide customers with timely and considerate services

2.3 commercial quality video conference products

a, operation interface: the design conforms to users' usage habits

b, ease of use: one click operation, simple operation, easy to learn and use, and can meet the use needs of users of all ages

c Perfect functions

high definition and smooth Audio: clear sound quality, no delay, no echo, no noise

high definition and smooth video: 1080p HD effect can be achieved, no delay, video rotation can be carried out, video recording and playback

perfect data collaboration functions: support shared whiteboard, shared documents, desktop/program sharing, collaborative browsing, file upload and download, video and audio playback and other

powerful auxiliary functions: support group meetings Text chat, voting, video roll call, hands up, conference recording, multicast, and H. 323 interconnection and other

instant messaging functions: instant messaging, one-to-one, one to many text communication transmission

d, strong and reliable compatibility and integration ability: it can be well interconnected with the mainstream hardware video conferencing equipment in the industry, compatible with all kinds of conference terminals and servers, and can be embedded in all kinds of application systems (HR, CRM, OA, ERP). Strong compatibility can ensure the perfect integration of video conferencing and other systems, which is conducive to the advantages of various systems

e. support mainstream mobile intelligent terminals to participate in the conference, and support wireless network clients to participate in the conference. The era of mobile Internet is the world of mobile intelligent terminals, and it is also the world of video conferencing that supports mobile intelligent terminals to participate in the conference

Shiwei, the leading brand in the video communication industry, has more than 10 years of industry experience, and has served more than thousands of high-quality industry major customers at home and abroad, with customer satisfaction of more than 99.8%. Its customers include the government, public security forces, railways, electric power, education, finance, insurance, petroleum, chemical industry, mechanical dielectric strength>30 kv/mm manufacturing, pharmaceutical, it, logistics, real estate and other industries

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