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Qingdao "Guanlong" tunnel boring machine can dig 330 meters in January

Qingdao "Guanlong" tunnel boring machine can dig 330 meters in January

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in addition to the "Jiaolong" which can go down to five oceans to catch turtles and the "Xuelong" which can break thousands of miles of solid ice, China also has the "Guanlong" which is specially used to deal with hard rocks in tunnel excavation

Taking 2010 as the baseline year

a few days ago, the "Guanlong" dsuc double shield hard rock tunnel boring machine developed by China Shipbuilding Industry (Qingdao) Rail Transit Equipment Co., Ltd. passed the pre acceptance before the construction of Qingdao Metro Line 2 phase I project, marking that the first (set) hard rock tunnel boring machine manufactured by a Chinese enterprise has met the construction conditions and technical requirements, and that Qingdao has the production and manufacturing capacity of tunnel boring machines, Major breakthroughs have been made in the field of equipment manufacturing

"Guanlong" hard rock tunnel boring machine

"Guanlong" inside the fuselage

is 135 meters long, weighs 850 tons, and the excavation diameter is 6.3 meters

is 135 meters long, weighs 850 tons, and the excavation diameter is 6.3 meters. The front is pulled by a huge fuselage, and the supporting equipment is followed by the complex system integration. In medium gravity, fire, alarm and personal injury are very dangerous When cleaning, Shiqing can use a vacuum cleaner to remove the indoor dust. Shipbuilding industry (Qingdao) Rail Transit Equipment Co., Ltd. saw this high-intelligence, new-type and advanced major technical complete set of equipment for tunnel construction

when excavating subway tunnels, the commonly used construction methods include mining method, shield method, etc. among them, mining method is the most widely used construction method in China, that is, tunneling in the tunnel in the form of explosive blasting. There have been many problems in safety, environmental protection, efficiency and so on. Shield tunneling is a fully mechanized construction method that uses shield machines to advance underground and form tunnel structures. The "Guanlong" made in Qingdao is applicable to the shield method, China's first tunneling equipment specially used for hard rock construction of urban subway.

China Shipbuilding Industry (Qingdao) Co., Ltd., which developed this sharp weapon Rail Transit Equipment Co., Ltd., established in 2011 and jointly introduced by the Municipal Commission of economy and information technology, Qingdao Metro headquarters, Qingdao high tech Zone and other units, is the only TBM R & D and manufacturing enterprise in the industrial system of China shipbuilding industry group. Its TBM R & D, supporting and general assembly manufacturing base phase I construction project was basically completed at the end of 2013

dig 330 meters forward in a month, and the efficiency is 10 times that of the mining method.

"'guanlong 'is tailored to the geological conditions of Qingdao, integrating mechanical, electrical, hydraulic, laser and control technologies, and can realize continuous operations such as tunnel excavation, mucking and support. During the construction process, the equipment can receive and send signals through satellites, use GPS positioning and laser guidance, and accurately indicate its underground position." Chu Xingren, chairman of China Shipbuilding Industry (Qingdao) Rail Transit Equipment Co., Ltd

the first "Guanlong" was assembled in May this year. In August, it was commissioned in the factory and no-load commissioning. During the commissioning process, hundreds of key data tests were conducted only. At the end of this year, the "Guanlong" will be applied to the first phase of Qingdao Metro Line 2. Two of them will enter the ground for operation at Hai'an Road, and the other two will enter the ground for operation at vegetable oil plant and Taishan Road respectively

under normal conditions, the "Guanlong" can drive 1.2 kilometers in tunnel construction in a month, but due to the limitations of urban construction conditions, the distance it can drive forward in a month is about 330 meters. If it is manually excavated by the mining method, it can move forward at most 30 meters in a month. The working efficiency of the "Guanlong" is more than 10 times that of the mining method

it is worth mentioning that in the long-distance construction of more than 20 kilometers and all underground, the fate of the TBM is quite tragic - after completing the underground excavation of this distance, the construction personnel will "bury" this TBM in place near the tunnel, and the second brand-new TBM will continue to operate

independent technology can be formed next year, which is second to none among domestic peers.

Chu Xingren told the author that starting from Metro Line 2, all tunnel boring machines used in Qingdao metro construction will be made in Qingdao. "Since 2010, we have cooperated with Italy, Germany and other countries with the most cutting-edge technology of TBMs. At present, we have completed the construction of four TBMs, formed two invention patents and four utility patents, and the degree of localization has reached 50%. According to the current technology and process integration rate, after completing the R & D and manufacturing of seven or eight TBMs, we can successfully complete the upgrading from digestion and absorption to the formation of independent technology 。”

at present, all hard rock tunnel boring machines in subway construction in China rely on imports from abroad, and the purchase cost of each tunneling machine reaches 180million yuan, while the price of each hard rock tunnel boring machine made in Qingdao is 120million yuan, which has a huge cost advantage

at present, China Shipbuilding Industry (Qingdao) Rail Transit Equipment Co., Ltd. has an annual production capacity of 4 TBMs. The company is stepping up the construction of phase II project and is expected to be put into operation next year. At that time, it will have an annual production capacity of 10 TBMs and a maintenance capacity of 5 TBMs, which is second to none in the domestic industry

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