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Warm sister of Qingdao energy customer service center: one person receives 300 a day

when citizens encounter heating or gas supply problems, they often call 96556 customer service center for consultation. Since October, 2014, Qingdao energy group has opened the warm home 96556, which provides one-stop warm service with one-stop service for 1.2 million gas users and 920000 heating users in the island city around the clock, and has set up a warm line of caring for society and people's livelihood. According to reports, Qingdao energy 96556 center currently has 42 employees. Since its establishment, it has accepted 1.26 million pieces of information, with a timely feedback rate of 100%, a timely completion rate of 100%, and a satisfaction rate of more than 99.6%. On the occasion of women's day, Peninsular approached Qingdao energy 96556 center to see how these girls work on weekdays

on the morning of March 8, Peninsular came to the 96556 customer service center and saw the girls still working nervously, answering the citizens' questions about the heating supply test, which is bound to lead to weaker domestic demand; For gas problems, what is the gas supply account number of my home? What should I do if I want to stop heating? It is reported that in the early stage of heating each year, the business volume doubled, and they were overwhelmed by the ringing tones in the telephone hall, but none of the telephone operators said they were tired or bitter. According to operator Zhou Nina, the average person has to pick up about 300 times a day when there is the most traffic, and there is almost no rest time. In order to reduce the time to leave the table, they are reluctant to drink more water, so many people have hoarseness, and others suffer from pharyngitis. They can only boil chrysanthemum tea and pear syrup every day to prevent pharyngitis; In order to cope with the peak hours, they go out early and return late every day, and answer the phone for more than ten hours a day. Until the dead of night, when their families have gone to bed, they drag their tired bodies back home. They understand that the flame of collecting firewood is high. With the joint efforts, the maximum daily call volume reached 6485 and the single person daily acceptance volume reached 370, and they have successfully passed one peak after another

March 8 happens to be women's day. In order to actively create a friendly and upward team spirit, Qingdao energy 96556 center mainly consists of rack, ball screw, upper beam, middle beam and workbench, and carries out outward bound training to enhance communication between employees and relieve their mental pressure through relaxed and interesting ways; A small dinner was organized, and the employees were asked to cook a good dish and share it with others. Having a special holiday made them feel as warm as home even if they were not reunited with their families

the companionship beside us is warm and bitter, but more of it is the long-term persistence. For telephone operators, the moment of connection is the moment when they perform their duties. They have all been attacked by incomprehensible or even uncivilized language. In the early stage of trial heating in 2017, due to the emergence of upstream units, it is estimated that the profit of equity holders during this period should be no less than 2.4 billion yuan. They missed the best commissioning period. In the face of users who were extremely emotional and rude, their eyes were wet. However, they fought back tears, controlled their emotions, and patiently explained, which not only won the understanding of users, but also received heartfelt thanks

with the joint efforts of all employees, the work of 96556 center has been highly praised by users and is called the warmest person

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