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Qingdao gangwo order meeting and temporary flagship store opened in Yantai

Qingdao gangwo order meeting and temporary flagship store opened in Yantai

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Guide: February 28, 2013 (the 19th day of the first lunar month) is a normal day for most people, but it is a big day with three joys for Qingdao gangwo: the first joy, Shandong Lingong 2013 spring large-scale order meeting was held in Yantai; Second, Shandong Lingong Yantai flagship store is grand

February 28, 2013 (the 19th day of the first month of the lunar calendar) is an ordinary day for most people, but it is a big day for Qingdao gangwo: first, Shandong Lingong 2013 spring large-scale ordering meeting was grandly held in Yantai; Second, Shandong Lingong Yantai flagship store opened grandly; Third joy: sdlg excavator sales exceeded 10000 units, and the national joint exhibition was successfully held

at 8:58 a.m. on the 28th, with the cold wind in early spring, Shandong Lingong Yantai flagship store opened grandly. The live salute was thundering, the colored flags were flying, and the banner of congratulations of the flagship store was flying in the wind, like a triumphant general waving a victory flag. Excavators and loaders equipped with metal punctuation extensometers are neatly placed in the hospital with their heads held high. They are explaining to everyone: "as members of Shandong Lingong family, we are very proud". The guests present at the ceremony include Mr. Zhang Xiaodong, the East China regional sales director of Shandong Lingong marketing company, Mr. Wang Ning, Mr. Liu Gang, and Mr. Jin Chengdong of Shandong Lingong marketing company, Mr. Sui, this is a different place from 1 of China Everbright Bank Qingdao Chengyang branch, Mr. SID, the director of Qingdao Municipal notary office, Mr. Xiao Changji, Mr. Mu Jin mining Lin Li, Mr. Gong Haining of Yantai Huaxing Real Estate Co., Ltd Mr. Li Wei of Yantai Finance Bureau, Mr. Zhu Wei, general manager of Qingdao gangwo group, etc

Shandong Lingong 2013 spring large-scale ordering meeting was held in Yantai International Expo Center, which is one of the largest five-star venues integrating exhibitions and conferences in Yantai. From 9:30, the invited customers arrived at the venue one after another, and were warmly and attentively received by the on-site staff. From signing in, arranging seating, paying the deposit to receiving the lottery qualification, we saw warm pictures and warm smiling faces

in the venue, a series of Shandong temporary work publicity videos and the highlights of Qingdao gangwo activities were played on the large LED display screen on the stage

at 11:40, Shandong Lingong 2013 spring large-scale ordering meeting officially kicked off. The event was hosted by Zhang Beibei, a famous host of Shandong TV station, and assisted by Yantai Yuhong planning company. After the song "passionate water drum", all guests stood up and sang "sing to the motherland" to stimulate patriotic enthusiasm and carry forward the national spirit

the meeting first broadcast a live video of the opening of Yantai flagship store, and then Mr. Zhu Wei, general manager of Qingdao gangwo group, delivered a speech. Mr. Zhu expressed his gratitude and gratitude to all new and old customers in Shandong Lingong and Jiaodong, and focused on a series of promotions and preferential policies in March, which showed the on-site customers the confidence and determination of Qingdao gangwo to provide customers with high-quality products and satisfactory and thoughtful services

next, Mr. ZhangXiaodong, general sales manager of Shandong marketing company in East China, introduced the development history of temporary work, the planning for the future and the determination of the enterprise to become bigger and stronger and better serve customers

after a video clip of "three years' spanning, thank you. 1. The data needed for the laces to do the tensile test of breaking force are: the maximum force of laces breaking or stretching, the time required for breaking, the maximum yield force, the number of times of breaking, etc.", Mr. Lin Li, a key customer representative, made a speech. Moujin mining has more than a dozen temporary loaders. Through the cooperation with Shandong Lingong and Qingdao gangwo over the years, Mr. Lin Li, as the main person in charge of the company, said that he was very confident in Shandong Lingong's products and was very satisfied with the service of Qingdao gangwo. He also wished Shandong Lingong and Qingdao gangwo better and better

at the site of large-scale ordering meetings, customers are most concerned about promotions and preferential policies. Mr. Zhao Shudong of Qingdao gangwo excavator business department explained in detail the lottery policy, accessories policy and recent activity policy of this event

ended the meeting and entered the luncheon time. The general manager of Qingdao gangwo group led the present branch managers to the stage to toast, once again expressing Qingdao gangwo's gratitude and gratitude to the customers and friends. After the toast, all the salespersons bowed deeply to the audience and shouted "Shandong temporary work - reliable bearing and trust"

the next lunch is accompanied by delicious food and wine, song and dance performances, award-winning Q & A, and exciting golden egg smashing and car awards. Musical instrument performance, model performance, acrobatics, song burning and so on, the on-site customers kept applauding

the award-winning Q & a session fully reflects the on-site customers' understanding of Shandong Lingong and Qingdao gangwo. Customers not only know the five firsts that Shandong Lingong loader won in 2012, but also know the largest model of excavator currently produced and a series of promotional activities for lg953n, lg6300e and lg6400e in March, which fully shows that our customers and friends sincerely care about and support Shandong Lingong

there is also a super surferise at the scene. Mr. renxiuming, a celebrity of contemporary Chinese calligraphy and painting art and now a cultural consultant of the EMBA teaching center of Tsinghua University, inscribed two inscriptions for the president of Qingdao port wozhu on the scene: being virtuous, being prosperous, and carrying goods. I wish Qingdao port wozhu a hundred years of vision and benefit the four sides

the lottery scene adopts the way of smashing golden eggs. The golden flowers all over the ground symbolize the brilliance and wealth of 2013. In the words of the host, "Li Yong, who is more fortunate than 52, has a sense of achievement. He has never personally experienced smashing golden eggs like this.". What we see is not only the joy of winning the grand prize, but also the enthusiasm of customers to support Shandong Lingong and Qingdao gangwo with practical actions

two special awards were also drawn at the scene: a Wuling van and a Jetta car, and president Zhu and president Zhang awarded them medals

with melodious music, Shandong Lingong 2013 spring ordering meeting came to a successful conclusion. 52 machines (including 32 loaders and 20 excavators) were purchased on site (in advance) at the meeting, and the meeting achieved established good results. Qingdao gangwo is walking on the road of development in the year of the snake, bathed in the spring breeze of the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China. At present, Shandong Lingong will also firmly occupy the leading position in the construction machinery industry

in 2013, we have the same goal and move forward bravely, just to play the song of victory. Cheer for gangwo and cheer for the temporary work

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