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Qingdao bus painters specialize in high-temperature spray painting, joking that the effect is good

Qingdao bus painters specialize in high-temperature spray painting, joking that the effect is good

201 for packaging material innovation and recycling measures improvement August 8, 2006

[China paint information] the continuous high temperature has baked many citizens into the air-conditioned room, while the painters of Laoshan bus company of Qingdao bus group have liked to "ask for hardship" for many years, The higher the temperature, they 2 attach great importance to food contact with raw materials, and the more they need to work outdoors, laughing that this is the best effect. On the 5th, I experienced the working environment of bus painters on site. They spray paint on the bus roof at a high temperature of 55 ℃, because the high temperature can quickly dry the paint and speed up the repair progress

at about 10 a.m. on the 5th, I came to the Laoshan bus warranty factory of the bus group on Chongqing South Road, and the parking lot was full of vehicles to be repaired. "The rising temperature has an impact on vehicle engines and pipelines. In addition to maintenance, we also need to check the condition of vehicle pipelines to ensure the safety of citizens." Said Li Yongzhong, director of the warranty factory of Laoshan bus branch of Qingdao public transport group. It is understood that in addition to checking the engine and wiring pipes, due to more rain in summer, the probability of corrosion of the bus ceiling will also be high. Maintenance personnel will check the vehicle ceiling more frequently than in other seasons. Once minor hidden dangers are found, they should be dealt with in time. "We paint the ceiling more often in summer."

At about 11 o'clock, with the outdoor temperature gradually rising, the measured ground temperature in the parking lot has reached 48 ℃. "Going out for a minute is really going to sweat for two hours." At this time, Chen Hong, a painter who was about to go to work, joked to him, but he still climbed on the top of a bus against the sun. He drove a bus to the middle of the parking lot and boarded the bus to paint the top. Chen Hong said that in the past, it usually took oneortwo hours to dry after painting. In recent days, the island city continued to be hot, and the paint dried in less than ten minutes after painting. "Although we work harder, the bus can leave the factory and be put into operation as soon as possible."

the bus roof is more than 3 meters above the ground. It feels soft when stepping on it. After measuring with a thermometer, it is found that the temperature has reached 55 ℃. Li Yongzhong said that in order to speed up the repair and maintenance progress, they arrange maintenance personnel to paint the vehicle from 11:00 to 4:00 p.m. every day when the temperature is the highest. "Others are hiding from the high temperature. We take the initiative to work in the high temperature." Li Yongzhong said that every once in a while, the operators would go back to the room to have a rest. In order to ensure the physical condition of the maintenance personnel, the warranty factory specially sent someone to "time" the painters. "The work cannot exceed half an hour, and when it comes to half an hour, it is mandatory to leave the post and rest for ten minutes. The canteen of the warranty factory also cooks mung bean soup every day to relieve the summer heat for the repairmen who are exposed to the high temperature and have obviously more and more mature material technology, production technology and equipment capacity."

after walking around the yard of the warranty factory, I saw that not only the paint work should meet the difficulties, but also the workers in charge of maintenance and repair should drill the trench and climb up and down, "we have regulations that no matter how difficult the environment is, we should ensure that minor repairs do not last overnight, so that the bus can be put into operation as soon as possible." Said Geng Yifu, Secretary of the Party committee of Laoshan bus company

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