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As an export weakness of Qingdao and even the whole of China, heavy industrial machinery and equipment finally have a place abroad. Yesterday, Lovol heavy industries, China Communications Construction, Qingdao port strategic cooperation and Pakistan project held the first batch of equipment delivery ceremony. At the same time, the first batch of Lovol loaders officially launched the flagship project of the "the Belt and Road" - China Pakistan Economic Corridor. According to the relevant person in charge of the Municipal Commission of economy and information technology, the export of Lovol machinery and equipment means that the manufacturing level of Qingdao heavy industry machinery and equipment has been greatly improved after entering the experimental interface, and has gradually been recognized in the international market. In addition, from the perspective of the "the Belt and Road", Qingdao continues to explore the emerging markets of the "the Belt and Road", and "made in Qingdao" is brilliant

Qingdao heavy industrial equipment export

it was learned at the handover ceremony yesterday that the China Pakistan Economic Corridor is by far the largest overseas economic development project in China. The Islamabad raycott highway project of the China Pakistan Economic Corridor, the first batch of Lovol loaders to be put into service in batches, is the core section of the land channel of the China Pakistan Economic Corridor. The commencement of the project marks the official start of the construction of land transportation lines running through north and south Pakistan and connecting China and Pakistan. Due to the climate, the construction of the project is difficult, and the requirements for the use of equipment are high. Lovol engineering machinery group responded to the bid with its main product, and finally won the bid. The winning of the bid by Lovol heavy industries is another successful case for Lovol heavy industries and CCCC to continue to deepen cooperation and strengthen the alliance, and it is also the first landing project under the strategic cooperation framework between CCCC and Qingdao municipal government

"Lovol heavy industries' export to the China Pakistan Economic Corridor project means that the quality of heavy industrial equipment in Qingdao and even China has been greatly improved, and it has gradually gained a place in the international market." The relevant person in charge of the equipment department of the Municipal Commission of economy and information technology said that although the export volume of equipment made in Qingdao is quite large, and there are many varieties involved, including ships, containers, etc., the proportion of heavy industrial equipment is very low. Due to the full competition in this market, the requirements for product quality are higher for graphene: the strange "king of new materials". At the same time, this kind of equipment also requires a strong after-sales network to support after export. From these aspects, the "going to sea" of Lovol heavy industry loaders is of great significance. Of course, it will take a long time for the export of engineering equipment to be recognized by the market. In this process, Qingdao manufacturing enterprises need to continue to improve product quality and cultivate after-sales network

the "the Belt and Road" made in Qingdao shows its skill

as early as the end of June this year, the 20000 ton semi submersible ship "tai'ankou", carrying two four story high large-scale equipment, sailed from Qingdao to the Arctic, thousands of miles away, for the Russian Yamal liquefied natural gas project, a key energy project of Sino Russian cooperation and development. The extremely cold zone has extremely high requirements for the quality and accuracy of the devices. These are two sets of devices constructed by China National Petroleum Offshore Engineering (Qingdao) Co., Ltd. This time, Lovol heavy industries has taken on the "heavy burden" of the construction of the China Pakistan Economic Corridor, which is another time for "made in Qingdao" to show its strength in the "the Belt and Road"

it is understood that Qingdao has established friendly relations with 67 cities around the world, and has scratched sheet metal in more than 30 countries, including or carelessly. In the planning and construction of the "the Belt and Road", Qingdao is positioned as the main node of the new Eurasian Continental Bridge Economic Corridor and the strategic fulcrum of maritime cooperation. Giving full play to its unique location, industry and opening-up advantages, Qingdao has strengthened economic and trade cooperation with countries along the "the Belt and Road" in a win-win way, and built a key project library of economic and trade cooperation among countries along the "the Belt and Road", involving 102 projects with a total investment of 60billion US dollars

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