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Qingdao Hengda glass 1MW photovoltaic building project starts

the 1MW photovoltaic building integration demonstration project invested and constructed by Qingdao Hengda Glass Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Hengda glass) is located in its production plant in Qingdao Economic and Technological Development Zone

it is reported that the project uses the building roof and the East, South and West facades to install photovoltaic modules. The 500N model recommended by Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. can be used. The sunny wall adopts the building material type laminated photovoltaic module made of amorphous silicon film photovoltaic produced by Hengda glass patented technology and vacuum glass, and is installed according to the installation form of invisible curtain wall; Non sunny wall adopts vacuum composite insulating glass, a patented product of Henda glass; The roof adopts transparent thin-film hollow photovoltaic modules, and a photovoltaic and power generation system composed of photovoltaic roof and photovoltaic curtain wall is built. The total photovoltaic installation area is 20000 square meters, and the DC rated power of the whole system is 60kW. After the photovoltaic project is combined with power generation, it is estimated that the annual average power generation will be 1.28 million kwh, which will be used for the production of Hengda glass plant

the project adopts the integration of photovoltaic technology and vacuum glass technology. The transformed photovoltaic roof and photovoltaic curtain wall do not affect the original lighting and ventilation, and meet the requirements of green and energy-saving buildings. In addition, the first floor of the office complex is planned to be rebuilt for the photovoltaic measurement and testing room, to carry out statistical research on the maximum experimental power of energy saving: 300KN data, and to monitor all photovoltaic systems in the plant. The completion of the project will be the first energy-saving building demonstration project in Qingdao with the combination of vacuum glass and photovoltaic module technology, and carry out relevant energy-saving technology research to provide test data for the future development of optoelectronic building integration

Qingdao Hengda glass company mainly deals in vacuum glass, flat (curved) tempered Low-E insulating glass, laminated glass and colored glazed glass products. The company is cooperating with Nanjing University in the research and development of dye-sensitized nano thin film solar cells (DSSC), and plans to apply them to doors, windows and curtain wall glasses in the future, so as to realize the promotion and application of low-cost photoelectric building integration

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