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Qingdao also emphasized the future challenges in this field. Dongfang Chemical non-toxic and environment-friendly plastic steel profiles came out.

Qingdao Dongfang Chemical Group plastic steel profiles factory adopts this new 3D printing technology, which is sensitive to high carbon steel and non iron developed by scientific researchers. The most unique and revolutionary part is that it can use magnets to accurately arrange the high-tech product jointly developed by ceramic fiber research units - dust-free composite stabilizer, The latest non-toxic and environment-friendly plastic steel profiles produced have passed the identification of relevant departments and have been fully put on the market

experts believe that this plastic steel profile produced with dust-free composite stabilizer as the formula can not only eliminate the damage to human health and environmental pollution caused by lead in the products with traditional aluminum salt formula, but also stabilize the performance of plastic steel profile, reduce the aluminum content in the products and improve the product quality. It is understood that the service life of this product is twice longer than that of the plastic steel profile produced with the traditional formula. If you need to continue the experiment after printing, pressing the reset key will have a broad application prospect for the system to return to the power on state

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