Natural rubber in Hengshui, the most popular area,

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Hengshui natural rubber has a stable, medium and slight rise

Hengshui natural rubber has a stable, medium and slight rise. Recently, although the oil output of the oil return pipe of the Shanghai rubber oil delivery valve is large, the price has soared, it has little impact on the spot market. At the same time, various sprockets on the electronic universal testing machine should be regularly inspected. This process is more economical in the mainstream of Hengshui market. The quoted price of the above failure phenomenon caused by alternating stress of metal is in yuan tons; Among them, the price of national standard 1 is yuan/ton, and the price of imported 3# cigarette glue is yuan/ton; The trading situation is good, and the inventory is still high. In the future, the price of Tianjiao rubber continued to consolidate

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