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It is understood that Hengda company and the national non-metallic products supervision and inspection center jointly drafted the national standard for the experimental method of oil resistant rubber asbestos pad, becoming the only manufacturer in China to participate in the drafting of this standard. In March this year, but there are often problems in the displacement detection, the national standard for non asbestos oil resistant rubber sheet is to be revised, and the national non-metallic products supervision and inspection center once again invited Henda company to participate in the drafting of the national standard. Henda company has put forward a number of feasible suggestions on the drafting of standards based on its years of production practice. At present, the standard is under intense drafting

the national standard for non asbestos oil resistant rubber sheets drafted with the participation of Hebei Hengda sealing materials Co., Ltd. in Hejian City is in intense progress. The person in charge of the company told yesterday that the standard would be finalized next month

national standard for oil resistant rubber asbestos pad test method or proposed

non asbestos oil resistant rubber plate is made of special fiber and oil resistant synthetic rubber as raw materials, pressed and vulcanized, and is used as sealing gasket material for flange joints of oil refining equipment and distillation pipelines, automobile diesel engines and oil pipeline joints

in order to become bigger and stronger as soon as possible, "Hengda" has continuously introduced new equipment and eliminated backward production capacity. At the same time, it has established a "joint sealing laboratory" in close cooperation with the national friction sealing materials Association, the Provincial Department of science and technology and Shanghai East China University of technology, and invested more than one million yuan of scientific research funds every year to jointly build a high-end product research and development platform. Over the past few years, they have successively developed domestic leading new products, such as oil-resistant rubber asbestos pad with high temperature resistance above 500 ° C, metal reinforced high-pressure asbestos rubber plate, acid resistant and corrosion-resistant asbestos rubber plate, non asbestos oil-resistant rubber plate and oil-resistant composite sealing gasket plate. Among them, the acid resistant asbestos rubber plate won the provincial science and Technology Award and may cause vibration or pipeline leakage. The non asbestos oil resistant rubber plate not only passed the test of the national quality supervision and inspection center, but also passed the test of authoritative institutions such as Osaka testing center in Japan. The anti-corrosion asbestos rubber plate and oil resistant composite sealing gasket plate obtained the national utility model patent

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