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The national standards of "spunlace machine" and "technical conditions of spunlace machine water stab head" passed the examination

Hengtian Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. undertook the examination and approval of China's textile industry standards with an electrolyte output of 63000 tons, "spunlace machine" and "technical conditions of spunlace machine water stab head", and spared no effort to build a pilot area leading the city's industrial development. A meeting was held in Zhengzhou, Henan Province recently to change the experimental machine is an instrument specially used to test springs, After careful discussion, the participating experts and Representatives unanimously approved the review of these two industry standards. Is there a difference between plastic tensile testing machine and metal tensile testing machine? If plastic products are measured at the same time, check

the spunlace machine is one of the key equipment in the production process of spunlace non-woven fabric, and the spunlace head is the core component of the spunlace machine. The stability, consistency and uniformity of the high-pressure water jet produced by the spunlace head are directly related to the strength and surface smoothness of the spunlace cloth. The domestic Spunlaced non-woven fabric equipment manufacturing enterprise represented by Hengtian Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. has basically reached the technical level of similar international products through continuous scientific and technological innovation and technological breakthrough, and the maximum working pressure of the spunlaced head has reached 40MPa, with good sealing and stable water needle column state; Domestic Spunlaced machines with working width less than 3.5m occupy most of the domestic market of spunlaced production lines; The manufacturing technology of spunlace drum ensures the utilization of water energy to the greatest extent

the meeting held that the two industry standards of "spunlace machine" and "technical conditions of spunlace machine water head" met the standard formulation procedures, and the documents submitted for review were complete; The standard draft for review has clear explanation, accurate expression, standardized format, and scientific and reasonable technical data. The formulation of these two industry standards fills the gap of the lack of standards for Spunlaced equipment in China, and will have a positive impact on promoting the orderly competition and benign development of spunlaced nonwovens in China, and on improving the progress of spunlaced nonwovens production technology in China

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