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The state supervision and random inspection of the quality of wine bottle products in 2015

the General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and Quarantine recently informed its officials of the state supervision and random inspection of the quality of wine bottle products in 2015, and 150 batches of products were inspected, of which 8 batches were unqualified

according to the report, 150 batches of products from 138 enterprises in 23 provinces, cities and autonomous regions were randomly selected. After testing, 142 batches of products from 130 enterprises were qualified, and the qualification rate of enterprises was 94. 2%, and the qualified rate of sampled products is 94. 7%。 Among them, 65 batches of products from 66 beer bottle manufacturers were qualified, 1 batch was unqualified, 77 batches of products from 84 white wine bottle manufacturers were qualified, and 7 batches were unqualified. There are 9 unqualified items involved, including 1 item of impact resistance, 7 items of water resistance of inner surface and 1 item of vertical axis deviation

the number of large, medium and small enterprises in this spot check is 18, 16 and 104 respectively. The qualified rate of large enterprises is 100% and that of medium-sized enterprises is 93. 8%, and the qualified rate of spot check for small enterprises was 93. 3%。

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