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"Super Imitation cotton" like honeycomb -- Interview with xiejianqiang, general manager of Shangyu Hongqiang color polyester Co., Ltd.

in the face of the bull market, the honeycomb fiber market produced by Zhejiang Shangyu Hongqiang company is in short supply, and the added value of products continues to grow; Facing the bear market, honeycomb fiber is still popular among textile enterprises, which is a good medicine for enterprises to improve the added value of products

facing the bull market, the honeycomb fiber market produced by Zhejiang Shangyu Hongqiang color polyester Co., Ltd. cannot meet the demand. 6. The optical parts of the instrument are required when not in use, and the added value of the product continues to grow; Facing the bear market, honeycomb fiber is still popular among textile enterprises, which is a good medicine for enterprises to improve the added value of products. At present, Shangyu Hongqiang is the only enterprise producing honeycomb functional series fibers in China. The company has devoted many years to the research, development and production of serial honeycomb functional fibers, which have many functions such as warmth preservation, anti pilling, anti-bacterial, and have the excellent characteristics of both cotton and polyester. It is called "Hongqiang super Imitation cotton" by many textile enterprises in the industry. Recently, I interviewed Xie Jianqiang, general manager of the company, on relevant issues

: when did the company start to produce honeycomb "Hongqiang super cotton like" fibers

Xie Jianqiang: as early as 2006, the company developed honeycomb bamboo charcoal fiber, which is different from other ordinary polyester bamboo charcoal fibers in two ways: first, the ultra-fine bamboo charcoal powder is developed by the company itself, and the highest carbon refining temperature is 1800 ℃, while the carbon refining temperature of other bamboo charcoal can only reach 800 ℃ ~ 1000 ℃. We adopt the grinding technology of ball milling and water grinding, so that the uniformity of bamboo charcoal particle size is more than 95%, which can ensure that bamboo charcoal is more evenly distributed in the fiber, so as to ensure that the odor absorption, antibacterial and antistatic effects of the fabric made of bamboo charcoal fiber are better. Second, because the fiber is a honeycomb microporous structure, and the inner and outer micropores are connected with each other, the bamboo charcoal particles are not wrapped in the fiber, which is connected with the atmosphere, and can give full play to the function of bamboo charcoal. The textile made of this bamboo charcoal fiber has many cotton like properties and more functions than cotton, so we call it "bamboo charcoal super Imitation cotton"

: there are about ten kinds of "Hongqiang super Imitation cotton" fibers developed by the company at present. Wood plastic composites are also a kind of new composite materials. Please briefly introduce them

Xie Jianqiang: after the development of honeycomb bamboo carbon fiber and the promotion of this workstation after Dongqing company was approved to build a national enterprise technology center, Heilongjiang aluminum magnesium alloy material laboratory, Heilongjiang light alloy material engineering technology research center and Heilongjiang enterprise technology research and development center, the market response and benefits are very good. Inspired by this, the company further optimized and combined the new spinning process to make the fiber micropores more and larger. In the second half of 2007, the company successfully developed honeycomb microporous structure fiber with independent intellectual property rights and patents. This fiber uses the capillary wicking principle to truly achieve the effect of moisture absorption and quick drying, and its functional indicators exceed those of similar products at home and abroad. At the same time, the fiber does not need to add any chemical additives. It has many functions, such as anti pilling, anti wrinkle, easy washing, and can be naturally degraded within 5 years. Through testing, all its physical indicators and wearing effect are basically equivalent to cotton. At that time, we called it "super Imitation cotton". After several years of continuous improvement and perfection, it has now become a "super cotton", which can be easily painted on the substrate, suitable for the production of sportswear fabrics and intimate underwear. We have successively developed 12 varieties of honeycomb microporous multifunctional fibers to meet the different needs of customers for textile raw materials

the honeycomb UV resistant fiber adopts the in-situ generation and doping composite technology with the company's own intellectual property rights, and the nano titanium dioxide is made into a high-efficiency UV resistant isolation factor, which is superfine and evenly added to the fiber, so that the fiber can convert 70% of the high-energy UV into a harmless low-energy situation and release it. The temperature of honeycomb UV resistant fabric is 1.8 ℃ ~ 2.2 ℃ lower than that of cotton fabric in the hot sun for a long time, so as to achieve the cool effect. This fiber is very suitable for summer T-shirts, T-Shirts, shirts and other clothing applications, and is more suitable for outdoor sports and tooling

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