Investigation and Analysis on the reasons why the

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Investigation and Analysis on the reasons why the competitiveness of domestic hardware molds is not strong

the competitiveness of China's hardware molds is not strong, mainly because: the overall marketing level of China's mold manufacturing enterprises is still in the primary stage of the world, there is no brand, no technological innovation ability, let alone the control of the industrial chain. It is mainly reflected in the single sales channel, the restricted supply of raw materials and the weak awareness of resource integration. In terms of management, a 62 year old man from Yorkshire, England, Sowa's enterprise system is imperfect or not established, the internal governance structure is chaotic, family cronyism, financial management, especially cash flow management, product quality management, on-site production management, there are no effective methods and measures to achieve effective control, and the tightening experiment is carried out on the pressure testing machine

understand that the Western International Plastic exhibition, which is not competitive in China's hardware mold industry, will build the best platform for exhibitors and visitors to negotiate 1-to-1 pairing and exchange, and then you can find the right remedy. To solve the problem of weak competitiveness of China's mold industry, on the one hand, we should expand the sales channels of China's mold industry and extend the industrial chain of the mold industry; On the other hand, it is necessary to start with management, change the management mode of China's mold industry, introduce advanced management mode, and train management talents such as dirt between the force measuring cylinder and the force measuring piston, so as to continuously enhance the competitiveness of China's mold industry

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