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Paint 315 consumption survey Dibao paint quality is not up to standard

protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers, make consumers happy to consume, and to a certain extent, it can stimulate consumption, so as to achieve the goal of expanding domestic demand. Since 1983, consumer organizations all over the world have held large-scale activities on March 15 every year to intensively publicize the rights of consumers and the obligations of consumer organizations through various forms and media, showing the strong power of consumers

since 1997, the China Consumer Association has carried out "annual theme" activities by determining a theme every year. The annual theme of consumption launched by the China Consumers' Association in 2010 is "consumption and service", which affects operators to continue to adhere to honesty and trustworthiness, operate in accordance with the law, effectively ensure the quality of goods and services, consciously fulfill the social obligations, and create a good consumption environment for consumers

this year is the 27th consumer rights day. HC paint also conducted an investigation on the overall situation of the paint industry before March 15, including various situations encountered in the process of purchasing and using paint, satisfaction with the results of complaint handling in the paint industry, and existing unreasonable phenomena in the paint industry

first of all, Huicong coating investigated the overall satisfaction of the coating industry. The final survey results showed that nearly half of consumers were dissatisfied with the overall satisfaction of the coating industry, reaching 49%, while the satisfaction was 13%. Consumer dissatisfaction was mainly manifested in the large difference in coating prices, and the great difference between the effect of painting and the effect of dealer publicity. On March 11, West China metropolis daily received consumers' complaints that the paint on the wall began to crack before the new house was decorated. Although the decoration company repaired it, there were still obvious cracks after wiping it with water. Dibao paint Co., Ltd. was exposed by Wuhan Administration for Industry and Commerce in January, 2010 because the alkali resistance and scrub resistance of the paint produced by Dibao paint Co., Ltd. were unqualified

as for the unpleasant experience encountered in the process of purchasing and using paint, the answers given by the investigators are also different. The quality problems such as blistering and falling off after painting are the most common problems encountered by consumers, and the uneven brands, difficult choices, poor product after-sales service, and the failure of enterprises to fulfill their promises of service are also important manifestations of the unpleasant experience of consumers. And buying fake goods at a high price is also a matter of great concern to consumers. In today's society, in the process of decoration, consumers attach great importance to environmental protection and health. In the continuous seeing of merchants, they spend high prices to buy coatings, but it is really fake goods. The phenomenon of "near famous brands" is very serious. Many brands such as nippon, Dulux, China resources have experienced being "near", and cracking down on counterfeits is a very difficult process in the process of coating sales. In addition, there are great limitations in the publicity and promotion of coating consumption, Therefore, consumers are also highly likely to be cheated

when coating products have various problems, it is extremely difficult to settle claims. First of all, we need to ask a special organization to identify the cause of the cracking of the coating on the fuselage of the wall aircraft, which is mainly made of CFRP (carbon fiber reinforced resin composite). If there is a problem with the coating quality, the decoration company should redecorate according to the requirements of consumers. In addition, if the wall decoration company can make up for the problem, it should be repaired. If there are still problems in the repair, according to the relevant regulations, consumers have the right to require the decorator to repair for free within two years. As consumers have no time and energy to file a lawsuit, they generally choose to give up on the settlement of paint claims

when analyzing the most serious problems in the coating industry, the majority of friends also gave their own answers. In the paint market, low price competition, local protection, illegal operation, relationship marketing and other phenomena exist one after another. In recent years, due to the fierce competition in China's coating market, various coating enterprises have also made efforts to carry out product marketing. Some places apply to the safety performance debugging of electronic components, providing reliability experiments, industry selection experiments, etc. at the same time, through this equipment experiment, the reliability of the industry can be improved and the quality control of the industry can be carried out. Illegal operators even sell fake and inferior products as brand paint. In recent years, the "near brand" in the coating market has grown seriously, affecting the normal order of China's coating market

taking advantage of the 3.15 consumer rights day, Huicong coatings called on coating finished product enterprises to strengthen product promotion and publicity, and also called on coating operators to be honest. Aluminum alloy profiles often use experimental machines for many businesses, and do not take interests as the pioneer, be honest and do things in good faith

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