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Loudi residential interior decoration market investigation and analysis report

Loudi residential interior decoration market investigation and analysis report

September 27, 2011

[China paint information] in order to further strengthen the management of Loudi residential interior decoration, standardize the order of the decoration market, and promote the healthy and orderly development of the decoration industry. From the perspective of effectively maintaining the safety of people's lives and property and social harmony and stability, Loudi Real Estate Bureau conducted a systematic investigation on the residential interior decoration market in Loudi in late August

In recent years, with the acceleration of urbanization and the rapid development of the real estate industry in Loudi, the imported sensors adopted by Loudi houses are world-famous sensor manufacturers. The scale of the interior decoration market of American Quanli sensor has also been expanding. Under the market law of "survival of the fittest", the decoration industry has experienced from disorderly development to orderly control The gradual improvement process from no rules to laws, from vicious competition to benign interaction, from mercenary to benefiting the people. According to the survey, there are about 100 enterprises engaged in the residential interior decoration industry in Loudi, including 53 Enterprises with qualifications issued by the decoration Association, 40 grade B enterprises, 6 grade C and D enterprises, and 7 branches. According to statistics, among the household consumption of residents in Loudi City, home decoration consumption has ranked first, and improving living conditions has become the first consumption demand of citizens. Since 2008, the average annual consumption of indoor decoration of residential buildings at the same level in Loudi City has exceeded 500 million yuan. However, with such a large market scale, decoration enterprises account for only about 30% of the market share, and most of the market share has been eroded by decoration guerrillas

II. Main problems existing in the housing decoration industry in Loudi City

after more than ten years of development, the decoration industry in Loudi City has played an important role in increasing employment, driving economic development, improving the living environment, etc., but the existing problems are also increasingly prominent

first, some owners' awareness of legal decoration, safety and health is not strong. When the owner decorates the house he purchased, he considers his own site as his own decision, does not inform the neighborhood before decoration, is unwilling to apply for registration with the property service enterprise, and is unwilling to sign a decoration service agreement; Start work without approval, change the use function of the house at will, damage the structure of the house, and stack decorative materials and decoration waste everywhere; Only pay attention to the comfort, beauty and economy of residential interior decoration. When selecting and using materials, the awareness of energy conservation and environmental protection is very weak; When many owners decorate their homes, they like to find decoration guerrillas without qualification certificates or professional qualifications to decorate. These behaviors not only leave hidden dangers to the house, but also seriously affect the normal life of residents in the community

second, decoration guerrillas without decoration qualifications are confused, accounting for half of the market. Decoration guerrillas do not sign contracts with decorators or sign non-standard contracts when engaging in decoration activities; No decoration scheme, design scheme and construction scheme; The price "opens low and goes high", deceives the people, the construction is not standardized, and the construction period is not on time; Collude with material suppliers to earn rebates, causing losses to decorators; Knock holes in the wall at will, expand the size of doors and windows and increase the floor load, and change the room or balcony without waterproof requirements into a bathroom; The quality of the employees is poor, and the construction quality is poor. The decorators simply can't get the two-year free warranty service stipulated by the state

third, some decoration enterprises have nonstandard behaviors and low integrity level in the industry. Some decoration enterprises exaggerate propaganda, make false promises, cut corners, shoddy, and even the project manager fled with money; Some decoration enterprises are difficult to compete with low-cost decoration guerrillas. In order to contract business, they have to do it knowing that they violate the rules; Some decoration enterprises lack the environment of "keeping people at heart", and cannot retain professional and technical personnel, which affects the development of the decoration industry to a higher, better and stronger level; Some decoration enterprises also use unqualified materials, which makes the indoor environmental pollution of the decorated houses exceed the standard, directly affecting the health of consumers; There are also some decoration companies that do not have their own construction teams, and after receiving the project, they still subcontract it to the decoration guerrillas. The non-standard behavior of some decoration enterprises has affected the reputation of the whole decoration industry

fourth, the property service enterprises' supervision of decoration behavior is weak. Some property service enterprises are afraid of trouble, do not seriously urge the decorators to go through the application and registration procedures, do not sign the decoration service agreement, and do not bother to tell the decorators about the "prohibited behaviors" and "precautions" of decoration; Do not patrol and supervise during construction, and turn a blind eye to illegal construction, and dare not stop at home; After completion, the site inspection is not conducted according to the decoration management service and the 10 point good interchangeability agreement, and the acceptance is not involved

III. some countermeasures and suggestions

the decoration industry involves thousands of families, relates to the safety of people's lives and property, and relates to the needs of people's livelihood and social harmony. Therefore, we must stand at the height of the overall situation, take strengthening the management of the decoration industry as the basic project and popular support project to promote the "three innovation work", and strive to find solutions to the problems. Now we put forward the following countermeasures and suggestions:

(I) strengthen supervision and management to ensure quality and safety

first, as the competent department of the industry, we should effectively strengthen the management and supervision of decoration enterprises, Seek breakthroughs in standardizing the service behavior of decoration enterprises, guide enterprises to continuously improve service quality and design and construction level, truly want to decorate what people want, be urgent about decorators, and solve the difficulties of decorators. At the same time, we should strengthen the rectification of illegal acts in the decoration market. For enterprises that violate laws and regulations in decoration, it is suggested that the qualification certificate issuing authority should downgrade or cancel the qualification of their tensile stripping testing machine, which is applicable to the stripping, shearing, breaking and other performance tests of adhesives, adhesive tapes, self-adhesive, composite films, artificial leather, woven bags, films, composite films, release paper, paper, electronic carrier tapes and other related products, The illegal behaviors of decoration enterprises will be recorded in the enterprise credit file, and various measures will be taken to standardize the service behavior of enterprises to ensure quality and safety

second, through the supervision of the industry. 2.3 product identification information is more comprehensive, detailed and managed, a group of decoration enterprises with strong social sense, high management level and good technical force are found and cultivated, and recommended to residential areas for owners to choose, so as to build a good communication platform for high-quality decoration enterprises and owners

(II) strengthen the supervision function of property service enterprises and implement the relevant

first, we will urge all property service enterprises to earnestly perform the management of residential decoration and decoration and strictly implement the commencement application procedures in strict accordance with the provisions of relevant laws and regulations such as the property management regulations and the measures for the management of residential interior decoration (Order No. 110 of the Ministry of construction); When signing the decoration service agreement, the property service enterprise shall notify the decorator of the "precautions" and "prohibited behaviors" in the decoration as the top priority; Strengthen the inspection in the process of decoration, and timely require the decorators and decoration enterprises to correct the acts in violation of laws and regulations; If the decorator or decoration enterprise fails to carry out decoration as required, resulting in factual consequences or refuses to correct, it shall timely report to the relevant departments for handling according to law; After the completion of the project, the property service enterprise shall conduct on-site inspection in accordance with the decoration management service agreement and archive the inspection records

secondly, strengthen the management of property service enterprises on decoration enterprises and employees. All enterprises that enter the residential area for residential decoration must provide business licenses and qualification certificates, and individual employees must provide qualification certificates. Enterprises without qualifications and individual employees without qualification certificates are not allowed to apply for access permits, and are forbidden to enter the residential area for construction

(III) strengthen the fight against the decoration guerrillas and maintain the order of the home decoration market

the decoration guerrillas have seriously disturbed the order of the decoration market in Loudi City and caused great harm to the majority of consumers due to their high mobility, poor construction quality, high complaint rate, unqualified construction and other problems. In order to safeguard the vital interests of the broad masses of the people, we will strengthen the investigation and punishment, cooperate with the departments of construction, urban management, planning, environmental protection, industry and commerce, public security and fire protection, strengthen the inspection and supervision of the decoration market, and carry out a comprehensive clean-up and rectification of the Loudi residential interior decoration market with the focus on the control of savage decoration and the destruction of housing structure

(IV) strengthen publicity and training, and create a good social environment for living and working in peace and contentment.

first, strengthen publicity. First of all, we should give full play to the guiding role of publicity and public opinion, make use of networks, television, radio, newspapers and magazines and other publicity means, and adopt popular and easy to accept publicity forms such as television lectures, blackboard newspaper slogans, publicity brochures, and the establishment of warm warning signs in the community, so as to vigorously publicize the harm of private demolition and indiscriminate modification in the decoration process, and popularize the laws and regulations and decoration knowledge of residential interior decoration, Let the "prohibited behaviors" and "precautions" in decoration become household names, and help decorators establish the idea of civilized and rational decoration. Secondly, carry out the annual "evaluation" of decoration enterprises, and publish the "ranking list" of the industry in the public media, so that each enterprise knows its position in the market competition. Similarly, let the people know the real strength of each enterprise, make their own judgments and choices, hire formal decoration enterprises, and put an end to safety accidents

second, strengthen training. In view of the actual situation of the decoration industry in Loudi City, organize relevant training, and take effective measures to train the management personnel and professional technicians of decoration enterprises in management knowledge and business knowledge, so as to comprehensively improve the management level of decoration enterprises and improve the quality awareness and technical level of employees

(V) strengthen the guidance and supervision of the decoration industry association, and give full play to the role of the industry association. First, as the "mother's home" of enterprises, the decoration industry association should give full play to the role of a bridge between the government and the decoration industry; Efforts should be made to strengthen industry self-discipline, carry out industry services, standardize industry behavior, and maintain fair competition, so as to actively and effectively play the role of industry coordination, service, management, and self-discipline; Guide enterprises to set ambitious goals, enhance enterprise vitality, change the concept of competition, and promote technological exchanges and cooperation between enterprises

Secondly, as the competent department of the decoration industry, we should strengthen the guidance and supervision of the decoration industry association, guide the association to regulate the professional ethics and business behavior of the industry, and enhance the overall quality and service level of the industry. The industry association should actively accept the guidance, supervision or entrustment of the competent department

decoration industry management is a process of continuous innovation and improvement, and it is a long-term task. The times are progressing, the cities are developing, the environment is changing, and the expectations of the people are following up. We should continue to improve from the height of implementing the scientific concept of development

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