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Investigation, analysis and suggestions of railway container LCL business

Abstract: Based on the investigation of railway container LCL business, this paper points out the problems existing in the current LCL business. In order to develop the railway container consolidation business, the measures to solve the problems are put forward from the aspects of transportation organization, marketing strategy, business organization, information technology guarantee and internal control

key words: railway container, LCL; Logistics l goods

LCL refers to that after the carrier (or agent) accepts the small batch of goods with less than the full container consigned by the shipper, it classifies and sorts them according to the nature of the goods and the destination of delivery, gathers the goods destined for the same destination to a certain number, assembles them into the container, and then transports them to the consignee by the carrier

LCL business has long been used in international container transportation. At that time, samples of export goods, luggage of overseas personnel, supplementary shipments of exporters, remaining goods transported in full containers, etc. were generally shipped. With the rapid development of inland commodity economy, commodities and goods need to be transported from manufacturers to final consumers. Therefore, many enterprises specializing in less than carload transportation and corresponding logistics service companies have been derived

1 market survey of LCL cargo

under the conditions of market operation, when choosing logistics transportation companies to transport goods, shippers should first consider whether their goods can arrive at the destination safely and on time. Therefore, it is generally necessary to investigate the operation performance of logistics companies, but more importantly, to evaluate the reliability of logistics company services

investigation, analysis and suggestions of railway container LCL business Deng Changming generally speaking, it is suitable for the first place. Adhering to the correct policy of organizing the meeting, the quantity of goods transported in LCL is relatively small, which is not enough for vehicle transportation; And the volume is not too large, and the length cannot exceed the size of the box. These goods were originally transported by less than carload. It is found in the survey that there are many market sources of such goods. In one day's survey, the source of goods that need to be sent from Nanchang to Chengdu is more than 120 tons; More than 260 tons of goods are shipped to Beijing, but some of them are not suitable for container transportation, accounting for more than 60% - 70%. For example, the length of a batch of goods sent to Chengdu exceeds the length of a 40 foot container

in the process of LCL transportation, the railway has the advantages of safe and reliable long-distance transportation, low price and high cost performance of heavy goods; But at the same time, it also has some disadvantages, such as short distance is not as flexible as highway, handling procedures are more complex, and transportation capacity is not as abundant as highway. Railway transportation often lacks credibility in terms of timeliness. Moreover, railway container transportation has long focused on full container transportation, ignoring and giving up the small batch less than carload transportation market, making a large number of suitable container goods flow to the highway

2 problems faced by LCL transportation

the freight transportation in the surrounding areas of Nanchang is basically concentrated in Nanchang Hongcheng logistics information market and Jingshan logistics information market. All logistics companies working in the market adopt the receiving terminals of logistics stations, but the railway has no place in this huge market. The automobile drivers engaged in logistics transportation in the logistics market come from different provinces, cities and regions. They follow the market according to the information of the source of goods in the logistics market, negotiate with the employer according to the real-time market price, and sign a transportation agreement with the relevant logistics company when the price is appropriate. Generally, the transportation cost of two-way trucks is relatively low. Of course, when choosing these transportation vehicles, logistics companies in the market should also examine their control in this way, which cannot be achieved); Whether the goods can be safely and quickly transported to the destination by adopting exchange servo electromechanical and ball screw to control the integrity. Generally, transportation vehicles with a history of cooperation are of course the first choice. This shows that in the logistics market, the reputation of operation is the first condition to win the supply of goods

for example, there is a batch of goods arriving in Zhengzhou with a total of about 800 tons. The owner's requirement is that other transportation modes except railway are acceptable, because the railway has too many loading and unloading times, serious cargo damage, untimely compensation, and door-to-door transportation is not realized. It can be seen that due to problems such as service quality, shippers are afraid of the original railway transportation mode and do not know much about the current railway container transportation mode

for another example, a batch of porcelain was shipped from Jingdezhen, Jiangxi Province to Nanchang. The reason why the manufacturer chose the local logistics company rather than the railway was that the manufacturer's packaging was relatively simple, and the loading and unloading process of railway transportation would lead to cargo damage, while the automobile transportation had never suffered cargo damage since the cooperation

in addition, there is the problem of railway capacity guarantee. It complies with the relatively large pull load LCL pilot unit. After consulting the information released by local logistics companies through the Internet and contacting several relevant companies, it has determined that more than a dozen goods can be loaded into the container in the direction of Chengdu, but it gave up because there is no heavy container

3 measures to solve problems

(1) transportation organization. Improve the container transportation train network, and track the scheduled trains on time. This is not only conducive to the timely arrival of cargo owners, but also conducive to marketing personnel to carry out marketing work. Reasonable arrangement of heavy containers and pre arrangement of LCL goods in advance are the primary conditions to ensure the safe and punctual shipment of goods, accompanied by the technological progress and development conditions of these industries. Therefore, to do a good job in LCL transportation, we need comprehensive support from transportation plan, flat car source and heavy-duty box source

(2) marketing strategy. Widely publicize railway container transportation, and focus on the advantages of railway container transportation in terms of cargo damage and safety compared with railway ordinary cargo transportation, so as to win the recognition of all enterprises in the society. Set up a fixed office space and conditionally enter the local logistics market. Its purpose is to gather the sources of local idle logistics companies; concentrate on understanding the local source information; and publicize railway container transportation externally LCL transportation mode. If necessary, the source of goods of the shipper can be directly containerized to reduce intermediate links and reduce intermediary logistics information costs

(3) business organization. Reliable agent network and business partners should be determined in the early stage. Setting up companies and business outlets is an option for professional LCL companies to develop service business, but large LCL companies cannot have their own independent operation departments in all links of transportation. The cooperation with some logistics companies in the early stage is conducive to relatively stable business operation when LCL begins to operate. In terms of internal transportation business combination, we should speed up the joint cooperation progress of door-to-door transportation of LCL stations, communicate information with each other, contact the LCL business through network and fax, and speed up the door-to-door transportation. In order to carry out business at the initial stage of LCL, on the premise that the existing road transportation has become a large-scale, it is necessary for the business department to install the mainstream logistics information platform commonly used by the local logistics company, understand the suitable container source in a certain direction on the same day, and timely communicate with the logistics company through contact information, so as to strive for container transportation, so as to expand the transportation volume

(4) information technology support. There should be a reliable information support platform as the guarantee of rapid response. The importance of LCL business is to strengthen information construction. Without a strong high-tech network system, it is difficult to support the smooth flow of a large number of freight information. Therefore, it is necessary to speed up the investment in the development of an Internet-based logistics information management system or LCL transportation information management system, establish three public platforms, one LCL point of the company and one cargo owner, communicate with the information transmission of each LCL point across the country through the contact of container tracking information with the railway network, and track the container transportation information in the whole process according to the authority. At the same time, it can also take advantage of network scalability to strengthen the contact with the shipper and local logistics companies, communicate information, meet the needs of external publicity, quotation, acceptance and settlement, and improve the efficiency and service quality of LCL operation

(5) internal control. Employees should be selectively arranged, and a long-term training system should be established for employees, so that they can be familiar with and master the reasonable loading scheme, transportation mode and transportation route of goods; Familiar with LCL information system software, clear job responsibilities; Understand the process of cargo transportation and the requirements of relevant links, and monitor whether the container flow, cargo flow and information flow are correct at any time. Once problems are found, they should be handled at any time or reported to the superior supervisor for handling. When soliciting goods, employees should detail to customers the company's LCL operation mode, the advantages of railway container transportation, the length of transportation cycle, pricing standards, the use of cargo tracking information and supporting service items, so that shippers can have a clear understanding of whether the consigned LCL goods can safely arrive at the destination. In addition, we should also pay attention to the corporate image. All LCL outlets need to implement a unified nameplate identification, a unified operation system, and a unified standardized service system

through the implementation of a series of improvement measures and the improvement of service quality, it is believed that in the near future, the railway container consolidation business will contribute to the leapfrog development of railway container transportation

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