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Investigation on the application of large-scale printing and processing in China's color box packaging (II)

therefore, it can be predicted that if the offset printing technology is not adjusted in time, the cost will not come down, and even if the printing is exquisite, businesses will reluctantly give up

5. Development of micro corrugated box. We believe that these demands directly lead to the demand for large format printing equipment and supporting (pre press and post press) equipment and materials

when talking about the situation of Qingdao Haier Communication Co., Ltd., the relevant person in charge of the company mentioned that it belongs to medium-sized packaging. Due to the relatively expensive items, the requirements for the shockproof function of the packaging box are relatively high. At present, the micro corrugated box is used. Once the temperature is too high, the company used about 56 million color boxes last year. In Jiangsu, 50% - 60% of enterprises also produce boxes. For example, aishengya in Suzhou and Asian paper products in Ningbo take boxes as their main products. At the same time, they also produce medium-sized packaging such as computer boxes. Due to the superiority of micro corrugated cartons, 1. The processed parts should meet the requirements of the drawings for compression resistance and shock resistance. At the same time, they have the characteristics of space saving and good molding effect, making them an ideal packaging for more and more goods

therefore, there is a huge demand for micro corrugated box packaging in the market. At present, the processing of micro corrugated packaging often adopts the method of printing first and then laminating. Because the micro corrugated box is large, the width of the printing machine is required to be large

II. Technical solutions for printing enterprises

facing the end-user market, when the strength of the dual space hydraulic universal experimental machine is the pull experiment and pressure experiment, it is urgent to identify the changes in front of the two experimental spaces, and the rapid response ability and corresponding technical solutions of printing enterprises are urgently needed, so as to effectively improve production efficiency and product quality and reduce production costs. During our visit to dozens of printing plants, we learned that there are no more than two solutions for printing enterprises. One is to increase the investment in small format equipment, or purchase more small format equipment to improve production capacity, and the other is to purchase large format printing equipment. From the actual operation of printing enterprises, we have made a comparison between the two schemes, which we will explain in detail below

(I) comparison of the two solutions

we investigated 87 printing plants and compared the above two solutions from the actual operation of printing enterprises

for example, some products can be printed even when they are turned on, but two can be printed at a time, so the full sheet machine can print four to six. In this process, the efficiency is very high. For example, the size of folio 105 is 142, and at the speed of 15000 per hour, 30000 folio products can be printed, so the efficiency is twice as high. Under the condition of ensuring a certain printing volume, the original row of 1 can now row 3 or 6. If the product requirements are large and the complexity is high, the small machine may not be able to print. At this time, it is necessary to use a large format machine to print. Similarly, the full machine is better in cost-effective control than starting up. For example, if you use full machine print to split, the output will double in unit time, and the cost will be reduced accordingly. Although buying large format machines in the initial hardware investment will double the investment, it is still cost-effective in the long run. One pair of machines requires two shifts of people and two pick-up machines, which takes up a lot of plant space. Then it is enough to replace one full-size machine with one shift of people, so it has great advantages in cost control

it is not difficult for us to analyze that large format printing processing technology can effectively improve production efficiency and product quality and reduce production costs, so it has obvious technical advantages in the field of packaging and printing processing

(II) application of printing enterprises with different business types

at the same time, we learned about the equipment application of domestic printing dry orders with different business types, which is expected to continue to be used in large-scale enterprises, and in particular, we interviewed general manager Zhang of Shenzhen Huali group, which owns the first gaobaoli PIDA 162a in Asia. Before launching this equipment, Huali's main business was watermarking, and then gradually turned to the super large full sheet offset printing field, which is also the extension of the company's new product chain. President Zhang said that this is the need of the market and the product itself. The company is mainly targeted at medium and high-end products. Large format equipment is well reflected in the market of medium and high-end products with higher strength and more requirements for fineness. And it has obvious advantages in the printing of heavy materials

some manufacturers purchased large format equipment because the original small format equipment could not meet the needs of large-scale orders. For example, Zhejiang Shengda Group purchased a gaobaolida 162a-4 in June 2005, which was mainly used in the production of corrugated boxes, and their current production capacity has basically reached saturation. It mainly produces outer packing boxes for export goods, which belongs to the largest equipment in Jiangsu and Zhejiang. The relevant person of the group said that the introduction of this equipment filled a market gap for the company and made the enterprise more competitive. Now the production time is shortened, the speed is improved, and the cost is saved, which brings great benefits to the enterprise

large format printing equipment can not only produce cartons, but also have great advantages in the production of large-scale color boxes. Dongguan tiger color has launched roland900 super large format printing machine on the basis of Manroland's multiple equipment, which is used to produce large toy packaging, and can contract business in a larger range

(III) experience of printing enterprises in equipment matching and cost saving

from the experience of Huali, there will be some difficulties in supporting the equipment when it is just launched, but these problems will be solved when the business is gradually mature. At present, Agfa, Cleo, screen and other prepress equipment suppliers can provide CTP suitable for large format printing machines. At the same time, experts pointed out that we should not blindly introduce equipment, but consider the comprehensive strength of the enterprise, such as the foundation and technical strength. When the scale and strength are not very strong, the leap forward should not be too large, and we should step by step. Because the purchase of printing equipment, but also to consider the pre press and post press supporting, otherwise the follow-up will not keep up

in terms of cost saving, when the business volume is large enough, the more the die cutting position is opened, the less paper is used. From the perspective of plates, the price of a large format PS plate is lower than that of two split plates. From the perspective of size, it also saves materials. For example, when making a DVD box, the small format machine needs two pieces of connection, and it can be completed in one piece by changing the large format equipment. And in the subsequent die cutting and bonding can save human resources. Therefore, on the whole, using large format equipment for production can better save costs

III. large format printing and processing technology brings unparalleled competitiveness to printing enterprises

the technical advantage of large format printing and processing technology in the field of packaging and printing processing is so, and at present, the domestic large format (full sheet or above) equipment investment shows an increasing trend, so what are the advantages of large format printing and processing technology to bring unparalleled competitiveness to printing enterprises

first of all, it has unparalleled advantages in the connection printing of small-size packaging boxes, that is, it maximizes the production efficiency, saves a lot of time, manpower, consumables, etc. for enterprises, and effectively controls the cost

secondly, in the production of large-scale cartons and cartons, it is impossible for small format machines to do. Large format machines can print directly, which avoids the difficulty of die-cutting and box pasting control caused by plate making, and also avoids the defects in the overall effect of product appearance and safety

finally, it is to print directly on micro tile materials. Although it cannot be fully realized in China at present due to some restrictions on micro tile materials, machine patents and technology, this advanced printing process will bring stronger competitiveness to printing enterprises in the future

to sum up, large format printing technology can effectively improve production efficiency and product quality and reduce production costs. Today, when the whole society advocates the creation of an energy-saving society, large format printing is not only an advanced technology with deep market development potential, but also has incomparable advantages for the creation of energy-saving printing industry enterprises. At the same time, with the gradual enhancement of the maturity of the domestic packaging and printing market, large format printing technology will have greater market development space, and the development of technology will also bring it to a new and exciting development track. As a professional industry media, we will also pay continuous attention in future reports and contribute our modest efforts to the development of this technology

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