Toshiba appoints new CEO in the hottest recession

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Economic recession Toshiba appoints new CEO

Beijing attracts 1. Jinan Shijin universal machine products describes the settlement time of a batch of polylactic acid product manufacturing enterprises such as BICO Cheng and Leiguan. In the afternoon of March 18, it is reported that Toshiba announced on Wednesday that it appointed Sasaki Zefu, the former senior executive vice president, as the president and CEO of the company, and became the latest Japanese company to adjust senior executives due to the economic recession. Only after the announcement can piston company rise publicly

Toshiba said that the board of directors of the company had nominated Sasaki Zefu as president and CEO. Sasaki Zefu, 59, is an expert in nuclear energy

Toshiba said that after the general meeting of shareholders approved the nomination, Sasaki Zefu will officially take office in June. The nomination of the board of directors is based on the proposal of the current president, Takeo Nishida, who is 65 years old and will serve as the chairman of Toshiba's board of directors after leaving office

nishita Houcong has been the president of Toshiba since 2005, and played an important role with Sasaki Zefu in the acquisition of Westinghouse Electric, a US nuclear energy company, in 2006. Nuclear energy has increasingly become the focus of attention because of concerns about global warming and efforts to reduce dependence on oil

previously, large Japanese companies including Toyota, Honda and Hitachi have carried out management restructuring. Toshiba is clearly trying to turn the tide by appointing Sasaki Zefu to tide over the global recession. Sasakizev was responsible for the operation of heavy-duty motors, including nuclear power generation and its equipment

Toshiba suffered a loss in the third quarter of fiscal 2008 due to the decline in demand for flash memory chips for digital products such as music players and digital cameras. The company expects a net loss for the whole year and has announced a number of restructuring measures, including layoffs of 4500 people and the postponement or termination of investment in new chip factories

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