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Investment and market analysis of digital printing enterprises

digital printing, with its advantages of "variable data printing, personalized printing, networking printing, and online processing", has grown rapidly in recent years, not only in the fields of commercial Express Printing and organ text printing, but also in the fields of finance, telecommunications, insurance, publishing and printing, packaging and printing

the digital printing machines used in China mainly include Fuji Xerox, HP indigo, Kodak nExpress, Xeikon, Canon and OSI. In 2003, the installed capacity of toner digital printing machines increased from 289 in 2002 to 715, of which Fuji Xerox increased by 72 and hpindigo increased by 21. The digital printing machines of these two major manufacturers are applied in the fields of domestic commercial Express Printing, organ printing, finance, packaging and bill printing. In Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Hangzhou and other places, there are fast printing shops of all sizes on the streets, which is enough to prove that digital printing has indeed impacted the use of experimental machines (auto parts experimental machines) in the industry and has entered our daily life very widely

at present, the application of digital printing in China is in a polarization. One end is the low-end market. The temperature when practitioners invest in deformation is usually called the softening point of plastic. TS mold is small. Most of the equipment used are non production digital printers, digital copiers and multi-function all-in-one machines. Most of the printed live parts are short version black-and-white. The customers of these enterprises want to be cheap and fast. They hope that the lower the price, the better. At present, the price in Beijing's text printing market has fallen from 0.30 yuan per A4 a few years ago to 0.10 yuan now. Although the printing volume is much larger than before, the profit has fallen significantly; At the other end is the high-end market. The investment scale of practitioners is relatively large. Most digital equipment is production-oriented digital printing machines. Live parts are not only short version color printing, but also many personalized and variable data printing color printing. Such customers pay more attention to quality and service, and have high requirements for color and printing quality. Such customers include advertising companies, architectural design institutes, clothing companies, publishing houses, etc. the price of printing a color A4 has been reduced from the initial 20 yuan to the current 5 yuan, or even 2 yuan

from the current situation, although the digital printing market in China is large, it is not very mature, and the regional development is uneven. At present, the development of digital printing is relatively fast in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Hangzhou and other places, while the development of northeast and northwest regions is relatively slow. Because local people are not aware of digital printing, they always compare traditional offset printing with digital printing, resulting in low profits of digital printing. In recent years, although people have gradually accepted digital printing, some small-scale color laser printers have had a great impact on the market of large-scale digital printers with low printing prices, diverting many of their customers. However, many enterprises have made remarkable achievements in the field of digital printing, and have opened many chain stores in different cities. If the operators of digital printing want to succeed, it is not enough to have strong technical force and sophisticated equipment. What is more important is to be good at business, have a good management mode, and provide high-quality value-added services. For example, the design and printing of catering, decoration, environmental design and other fields can only attract customers by reducing prices, which can only be narrower and narrower

if you invest $1 in digital printing machines, you must invest another $1 in information technology support, including networks, software, servers and other support. The quality of IT capabilities determines the level of digital printing profits. We need to cultivate the digital printing market together, build the digital concept of the market, study market demand and dynamics, seek solutions, and organize industry promotion and expansion

facing the future digital printing market, digital printing equipment alone is far from enough. The right investment strategy, high-quality IT support, value-added services and other supporting combinations are the shortcut for digital printing enterprises to succeed

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