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315 investigation on the landing status of homogeneous accessories ideal left reality right

in 2014, once the concept of homogeneous accessories was put forward, it was expected to break the monopoly of the automotive aftermarket. Some people believed that the competition pattern of the maintenance market would be rewritten. Since then, this newspaper has paid close attention to the progress of homogeneous accessories and reported on many times, hoping to break the monopoly, promote competition and purify the market with the help of the media. On the occasion of the annual March 15 international consumer rights day, focusing on the current situation of the landing of homogeneous parts, this newspaper has launched a five-way investigation on government departments, automobile enterprises, dealers, repair plants and consumers, striving to strip the cocoon and restore a real ecological chain of homogeneous parts circulation for the industry

consumer expectations, industry concerns 2. Maintenance of oil source: regularly check whether there is oil leakage at the main engine and oil source. Policies promote the value of homogeneous accessories. However, such an industry project with multiple meanings is far from our expectations. If the sealing volume of the oil pump in the tension test is interlinked with different oil suction chambers within a certain instant

in order to protect the rights and interests of consumers, this newspaper will select the hot issues in the automotive consumption link to conduct an investigation on the eve of March 15 every year, truthfully feed back the results to the automotive industry, and supervise enterprises to improve. In the past, the "dealer sales service survey", "automobile replacement service survey" and "24-hour road rescue service survey" carried out by this newspaper have all reflected good industry value and social impact

this year, when determining the theme of the March 15 survey, the Ministry will focus on the promotion of homogeneous accessories. This is because homogeneous parts have been regarded by the automotive industry as a "sharp weapon" to break the monopoly of maintenance parts channels, promote the transformation of the automotive maintenance industry, and improve the quality and satisfaction of automotive services. More importantly, if homogeneous accessories can be implemented as planned, it is of great significance to protect the rights and interests of consumers and reduce the cost of their vehicle maintenance

the concept of "homogeneous parts" first appeared in the guidance on promoting the transformation and upgrading of automobile maintenance industry and improving service quality jointly issued by the Ministry of transport and other ten departments in September 2014. The opinions pointed out that in order to implement the relevant provisions of the anti monopoly law and the consumer protection law, ensure that all maintenance enterprises and car owners have the right to use homogeneous parts to repair cars, promote fair competition in the automobile maintenance market, protect consumers' independent consumption options, and promote the opening of supply channels and multi-channel circulation of automobile maintenance parts

in August 2015, the Ministry of communications proposed a decision on Amending the regulations on the management of motor vehicle maintenance. In the new article 31 of the new provisions, it is mentioned that "homogeneous accessories refer to accessories with good loading performance whose product quality is equal to or higher than the standard requirements of loading parts". This is the first time that relevant national ministries and commissions have defined "homogeneous accessories"

the above two key policies have laid the foundation for the promotion of homogeneous accessories. However, in more than a year and a half, how effective is the policy? What are the differences from the previous assumptions

from March 6 to March 8, soldiers divided into five routes to interview the competent government departments, automobile enterprises, dealers, repair plants and consumers respectively to understand the current landing situation and exposed problems of homogeneous parts

according to the feedback of automobile enterprises, they have made countermeasures and are looking for new business opportunities. According to the authorized dealers of many brands, 4S stores basically allow consumers to bring their own parts for repair and maintenance. Obviously, this is a homeopathic move made by manufacturers and dealers under the pressure of policies. After all, the deterrence of the antitrust sledgehammer cannot be underestimated. However, automobile enterprises will not give up the big cake in the after-sales service market. For example, SAIC General Motors, FAW Toyota and other enterprises have launched manufacturer certified second brand accessories. The price of these accessories is lower than that of original accessories, and manufacturers can still profit from them. Moreover, compared with other non original parts, consumers are more secure in purchasing such accessories

dealers should have been the main body of innovation in the circulation industry, but on the issue of homogeneous parts, many dealers are on the sidelines, especially single stores and small-scale dealers, who basically have no intention to purchase homogeneous parts. Dealers acquiesce but do not encourage customers to bring their own parts to the store for maintenance. In the final analysis, they do not want to cause trouble, so they use means such as signing an exemption agreement to avoid risks, and even take the opportunity to avoid some due diligence. Among them, the cultivation of high skilled talents not only requires the training of schools, but also the dealer groups with large training volume and high management level show a strong willingness to import. Some dealer executives even gave up their original positions and chose accessories procurement as entrepreneurial projects. In their view, familiar with the pain points of the industry, the market of homogeneous parts should not only have an independent maintenance system. 4S stores that serve more than half of the car owners in the country also need homogeneous parts to help them consolidate their competitive position in the market and call back the hearts of lost customers

during the investigation of the maintenance plant, it was found that this is the place where the cognition of homogeneous parts and the poor sensitivity of the recognition dial pointer can be the highest. Almost all maintenance plants claim that they operate homogeneous parts, but when it comes to what is homogeneous parts and how to prove it, the staff of the maintenance plant either don't know it at all or have different opinions. After repeated verification, we learned that the "homogeneous parts" in the mouth of the maintenance factory are only non original parts with different quality and channels. For example, most of the national auto repair chain stores use brand parts marked with the trademark of spare parts production. With its price and geographical advantages, the repair shop has accumulated a fixed source of customers. If homogeneous parts can be better promoted, the repair shop may be able to grab more business from 4S stores. Surprisingly, they are not very enthusiastic about the promotion of homogeneous accessories, and even think that after the accessories are certified, the cost will rise and their competitive advantage will be greatly reduced

when it comes to homogeneous accessories, consumers, who should be the beneficiaries, are at a loss. Most consumers know nothing about the concept of homogeneous accessories. After listening to some explanations, they said that whether they would choose homogeneous accessories needed careful consideration, mainly because they didn't know much about the certification, quality and purchase channels of homogeneous accessories, and more importantly, they didn't know how to trace problems. In this interview, I came into contact with some auto "enthusiasts". They seldom patronize 4S stores, but mostly rely on personal experience and fixed channels to buy non original parts. Talking about the current situation of homogeneous parts, they generally said that the parts market is very deep, and consumers without "golden eyes" need to be careful

with the problems found in the survey, I made an appointment with the China Automobile Maintenance Industry Association, the promotion and guidance unit of homogeneous parts. Yan Bo, the Secretary General of the association, frankly stated that at present, homogeneous accessories have encountered some problems in the process of marketization, and said that the promotion of this work is indeed difficult and requires the cooperation of multiple departments. He hoped that the society and the media would understand more. It is worth looking forward to that the homogeneous parts certification standard formulated by the China automobile maintenance industry association is expected to be introduced in the second half of this year, which may play a certain role in regulating the market at that time

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